What Home Products Can I Put on My Hair to Make It Shine?

Give your hair a burst of energy and enhance its shine.

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Sometimes,when you make the effort to improve the appearance of your hair, you actually only hurt it, frustratingly enough. Dull, lifeless hair can be caused by everything from excessive chemical processing (think highlights and Brazilian straightening treatments) to environmental factors such as the sun. Instead of accepting a fate of dull hair, learn which home products can improve your locks' shine and gloss.

Styling Gel

To increase your hair's shine and manageability while styling (especially during blow drying), use a light gel that gives your hair texture and enhances hold -- without leading to heaviness or stickiness. Look for a product that aims to provide shine and smoothness while simultaneously defending your tresses against heat exposure, frizz and dryness.


Be discerning when it comes to selecting shampoos. Use shampoos that specifically indicate hydration benefits or shine enhancement. Try a lightweight shampoo that won't leave a lot of product buildup in your hair, as the accumulation can make your hair feel heavy and therefore reduce shine. Shine-increasing shampoos are beneficial for softening the upper portions of your hair fibers, leaving your hair smooth, sleek and glossy.


As with shampoo, opt for a lightweight conditioner that won't give your hair a heavy appearance. Seek out shine-increasing products that indicate their "weightless" benefits. Use a conditioner that promotes shine while also encouraging lift, motion and bounce in your hair.


Pamper your dull locks with weekly shine-enhancing masks. Bring out your natural shine with a luxurious hair mask that works to strengthen and defend your hair against potential damaging and dulling environmental factors, including sun exposure and the weather.

Finishing Oil

Give your hair a soft, supple and sleek texture with an application of finishing oil before you are done styling every day. It will only tack on a few seconds to your beauty routine. Rub the oil from the middle of your hair going to the ends. For added benefits, seek out an oil that offers UV protection against the harsh effects of the sun.

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