What Highlights Bring Out Green Eyes?

Opt for red-tone highlights to bring out green eyes like Scarlett Johansson did at the Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Show.

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The exciting thing about having dazzling green eyes is that your hair options are wide open because green is easily complemented by cool and warm tones. The trick to pinpointing highlights that bring out those peepers is paying attention to your complexion and its undertones. To discover your undertones, check out the veins on the inside of your wrist -- green means you're warm and blue means you're cool. Use these hues to help point you in the right direction for your most eye-enhancing color.


When you're striving for the most intense color play possible, always go for a color's complement. Across from each other on the color wheel, these hues create a ton of energy. Green's counterpart is red, so if you can pull off a fire engine red highlights, your green eyes will pop. However, if your cool skin tone is not jiving with this bold hue or if you're starting with a very light base color, simply ask your hair stylist to alter the color -- think burgundy-red for cool complexions and strawberry blond for blondes -- so you can reap all of the benefits with a flattering finish.


If you're a fan of classic blond highlights, now's your time to shine. Blond creates a super-light, barely there hue that allows your green eyes to sparkle without any competition from a strong hair color. Ask your hair stylist for blond highlights that best work with your natural skin tone. While sunny blonde highlights work wonders on warm skin, a paler, ash blond plays well with cool skin tones. Either way, your head full of glistening highlights will let those green irises glow.

Chestnut Brown

You've probably seen boxed dye with the color "chestnut brown" on it, wondering exactly what color that is. Think of it as a medium-brown hue with a soft, red-tone all-over cast. This medium shade flatters most skin tones while the subtle red tones pick up on the green of your eyes without creating an intense contrast. This is perfect if you prefer a hint of color while maintaining a natural all-over highlighted appearance rather than streaks.

Deep Brown

Reference nature for this color combination -- a field of trees with emerald green leaves, deep brown trunks and peeling bark that reveals a barely lighter hue. When you're dealing with extremely dark brown hair, lifting your color for a highlighted effect can result in a striped look if you're not careful. Stay close to your natural color that already creates a bold, saturated backdrop for bright green eyes -- ask your stylist for highlights a shade or two lighter than your natural color to create added depth.

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