How to Highlight Your Nose

Highlight your nose to correct or accentuate your features.

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Many gals have a love/hate relationship with their noses. If you're fortunate, you have a love relationship: a nose that commands ooohs and awes from passers-by for its beauty and perfection. Or not. More likely you want to hide or change the bone structure and call less attention to it. If you were born with a schnoz the size of a 747, or maybe a pencil-thin proboscis, pull off a bit of magic with some makeup and the right application.


If your parents gifted you with a wide nose, create the illusion of a narrower one by applying a broad stroke of highlighter shadow down the center of the nose with the makeup brush. Sweep the color from the bridge to the tip, then blend it down the sides of the nose. Apply a stick concealer, which is a bit darker than your natural complexion on either side of your nose. Blend well with a concealer brush.


Correct a thin nose by sweeping highlighter along the sides of the nose with the makeup brush. Blend well with a makeup sponge to create a soft edge. Don't apply the highlighter to the actual top of the nose and bridge. The highlighter on the sides of the nose creates the illusion of a wider nose and brings the face into balance.


If you're rocking a crooked honker, you've got a bend or turn in the bridge which may draw attention. To correct a crooked nose, apply a highlighter shadow where the natural shadow of the nose pushes inward, then apply a darker shadow on the other side of the nose. Use your brush to blend well. The crooked nose will look straighter.

Things You'll Need


1.Makeup brush

3.Highlighter powder

5.Concealer brush

2.Makeup sponge



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