How to Highlight Medium Brown Hair With Golden Highlights

If you're going for golden highlights you should have a warm skin tone.

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You don't need a pro to get perfectly golden highlights. Medium brown hair and gold highlights go together like peanut butter and jelly. It's also a fairly straightforward process that you, little Miss Color Diva, can totally do yourself at home. All you need are the right products, tools and know-how and you'll nail the look, baby.


Pick up a level eight blond hair color and 30 volume peroxide from your local beauty supply store. If your hair is a medium brown it should be a level five. The 30 volume can easily lift you to a level eight, which has an underlying pigment of gold. This way you can have the goldilicious highlights you want without having to use a harsh bleach and toner afterward.


Brush out the hair to remove any tangles. Tangled hair doesn't highlight well at all so get those locks silky smooth. Don the cape or old towel to protect your clothes.


Ready your materials. Get all your foils, hair clips and timer ready. You don't want to be scrambling for your tools after the color is mixed. Once you blend the color and the developer you've only got 30 minutes to get that hair color on and working before it looses its lifting powers. Don't be wasting precious time looking for your tools.


Divide the hair into four sections. From the middle of the front hairline to the middle of the back of the hairline. Then from ear tip to ear tip. Use hair clips to separate and hold each section.


Slip on your gloves and mix your hair color with the developer in the color bowl. Mix the two really well to remove all the lumps. The last thing you want is a big blob of unmixed color on your hair that won't process properly. Yikes!


Let down one of the front sections. You want to start at the front because those sections will have the color on them the longest and may end up just slightly lighter -- that's a good thing because it makes the highlights look way more natural.


Use the tip of your color brush to separate out a 1/2-inch wide section across the top of the section. Weave in and out of the section with the tip of the color brush, and grab the top weaved section and drop the bottom section.


Slip a foil under the section and butt it right up against the scalp. Now load up that color brush with your Goldie-locks color and apply the color 1/4 inch from the roots. Really get that color to saturate that hair so the hair process evenly.


Fold the foil's bottom edge up to the middle, then fold it again to the top, so it's in folded in three. Section off another 1/2-inch wide section below the foil and pin that up with the foil. Take another 1/2-inch section and weave that one as you did the first. Slather that section up with color and fold.


Now get ready to move, baby. You've got to repeat the foiling process for all your hair, but don't forget you've only got 30 minutes so get those hands and foils a-flying.


Set a timer for 30 minutes once all your foils are done. Now's a good time to clean up your color bowl and brush, while you've still got the protective cape and gloves on.


Once the time is up, take the foils out, rinse the hair and slather your hair up with conditioner to seal that color in. Rinse after one minute and marvel at your fabulous golden-girl highlights.

Things You'll Need


1.Hair color


5.Cape or old towel

7.Hair clips


2.Color bowl and brush

4.Latex gloves




Tips & Tricks


If your highlights end up being too golden or brassy you can tone them with an ash-based semi-permanent color one level lighter than the color you used for your highlights. Just put it right over top of all your hair for 20 minutes, rinse it out and say goodbye to brass.

If you are slow to foil your hair the color will have oxidized and lost its power before you get it on the last sections. If you think you'll be slow, only mix up half the formula you'll need, foil half the head, then mix up the second half to finish off the last two sections.


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