How to Highlight Hair With Hydrogen Peroxide

You can add highlights to your hair at home with hydrogen peroxide.

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If you're thinking of updating your look, you might be considering adding highlights to your hair. But instead of dropping some serious dough at the salon, why not lighten your locks at home? You don't even need to buy any expensive dyes; the only thing standing between you and highlighted hair is a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Adding highlights to your hair with hydrogen peroxide is easy and cheap and will freshen your hairstyle just in time for that fun night out.


Fill up a spray bottle with 3-percent hydrogen peroxide solution. A lot of people have some hydrogen peroxide hiding out in the back of their medicine cabinet, but if you don't, make a quick trip to the pharmacy. You'll only spend a few dollars for a generous bottle and you can use the money you save on that outfit you've been eying instead.


Test the hydrogen peroxide on a small part of your hair before you go nuts spraying it everywhere. Apply some to a cotton swab and rub it on a small section of your hair near the back of your neck so it's hidden just in case you don't like the results. If the color looks good after waiting 24 hours, go ahead and start highlighting your hair.


Spray the hydrogen peroxide solution on the section of your hair you want to lighten. Work the solution through with your fingers or use a comb. For a natural look, highlight only small sections, or highlight larger chunks of your locks for a more dramatic result.


Allow the solution to dry and check out your newly highlighted tresses. If you want an even lighter shade, apply more hydrogen peroxide and sit out in the sun for a while to work on your tan. The sun will strengthen the effect of the hydrogen peroxide. That's all it takes! No need to deal with foil, messy dyes or sitting around forever waiting at the salon. Just spray on some hydrogen peroxide, wait a while and enjoy your new look.

Things You'll Need


1.Spray bottle

3.Cotton swab

2.3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution



Tips & Tricks


Keep the hydrogen peroxide out of your eyes -- it burns. Have a towel at hand to wipe up any drips.

Don't use a hydrogen peroxide solution that is any more than 3 percent or it might damage your hair.

Using hydrogen peroxide solution too often can damage your hair or even make it turn gray, so only use enough to get the highlights you want.


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