How to Hide Scars on the Legs

Hide those annoying scars with leg makeup.

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When you want to slip into fierce, leg-baring fashions--such as shorts, skirts and swimsuits--don't let leg scars stop you in your tracks. No, you don't have resort to opaque tights to conceal your skin flaws. Instead, you can force your imperfections to do a disappearing act. While hiding your scars isn't a permanent fix, it can help you forget about them for a while. You'll then feel free to rock your revealing outfit.

Concealer Cover-Up


Dab a layer of flesh-toned, waterproof concealer onto the scar and the surrounding skin. Eyeball the area after you put on one layer. If it looks like you need more to complete "Operation Cover-Up," go for another layer.


Smooth out the edges of the concealer with the makeup sponge, so the area won't be easily noticed by anyone who gives your gams a second look. If you put on more than one layer of concealer, this step is a must.


Pat on translucent powder to set the concealer. Check it out. If the cover-up looks too light compared to the rest of your skin, swipe a bit of bronzing powder over it, to help it blend in. Well done!

Spray-On Solution


Shake the airbrush spray foundation can to mix it up. You don't want a concentrated blob shooting on your skin.


Move the can in a smooth, sweeping motion as you spray the foundation directly onto your legs. Even though you are trying to cover your scar, you will need to go for complete coverage on your legs for the most natural look.


Blend uneven spots with a non-latex sponge to give your legs a smooth finish. Eyeball the length of your leg to make sure the finish looks even before it dries. Check out your knees and ankles for flaws, because this is an area where the spray can concentrate. Hold a hand mirror on the back side of your legs and twist your head around, to see if the coverage is complete.


Allow at least five minutes of drying time before you slip into your clothing, so the spray foundation won't come off onto your outfit.

Things You'll Need


1.Waterproof concealer

3.Translucent powder

5.Airbrush spray foundation

7.Hand mirror

2.Makeup sponge

4.Bronzing powder (optional)

6.Non-latex sponge


Tips & Tricks


Flesh-colored theatrical grade makeup can be used to cover-up a scar. Smooth it on and blend it in with a makeup sponge. Set with loose powder.

If you're really bothered by your scar--yet you don't feel like explaining its origin--a quick-fix is to slap a band-aid on it to cover it.

If you can't get your hands on airbrush spray foundation, try slathering on some self tanner, to diminish the scar's appearance. It could work in a pinch.

Slather fresh scars with sunscreen to avoid dreaded darkening of the area.


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