How to Hide a Receding Hairline

Cutting bangs will allow you to hide your receding hairline.

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It's hard being your most fabulous self when your hairline's gone MIA. As much as you might wish it were otherwise, when it comes to hair loss, it isn't just a guy thing. Your sudden increase in forehead real estate isn't just a mere nightmare either. But before you decide to be done with it and go all Britney Spears with hair clippers (or worse, start planning your future with a comb-over) there are ways to keep your hair loss your little secret.

Lace-Front Wig


Head over to your local wig shop or a beauty supply store that carries lace-front wigs. Not only do mega-stars like Beyonce love to rock these types of wigs, but because they look so real, no one has to know you're wearing one (and how cool is that?).


Brush or comb your hair back and pull on a stocking cap or a hair net. You'll reduce the risk that your hair will turn into a matted mess or that your wig will look like a lumpy disaster. Adhere the wig to your head (the last thing you want is for it to be shifting all over the place) using two-sided adhesive tape or bonding glue for wigs (no craft glue, please).


Make it look as natural as possible by applying your facial makeup along the hairline of your wig. Think about how embarrassing it will be for your lace to show, and take the time to camouflage before stepping out in public.



Start rocking the banged look. Even if you're not feeling the love for them, they'll work magic when it comes to hiding your hairline. Unless you're magic with a pair of scissors, don't do it on your own. A hacked up catastrophe of a cut can almost be as bad as letting your shrinking hairline show (almost). Head to the salon and ask for bangs.


When getting bangs, keep your face shape in mind. The best way to conceal your forehead, hide your hair loss and get bangin' bangs is to know what suits your face best. If you're gifted with a perfectly oval face, explore your options in the bang department. Softly layered, long bangs complement rounder faces, and gradual layered bangs suit ladies with longer faces. Side-swept bangs are fabulously flattering for faces that are square or heart-shaped, while wispy fringes are awesome if your face shape is more triangular.


Keep your bangs looking as hot as the day you got them by getting them trimmed approximately every three to four weeks. This isn't a rule that's set in stone; it depends entirely on how fast or slow your hair grows. Use your judgment -- just don't wait for them to get sloppy or overly long. Some stylists trim bangs for free for regular clients. If yours doesn't, ask for tips on how you can correctly trim and maintain your bangs at home.

Things You'll Need


1.Comb or brush

3.Wig adhesive or double-sided tape


2.Stocking cap or net



Tips & Tricks


Always follow the instructions when putting on and taking off your wig to prevent further damage and loss of hair, especially at the hairline.


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