How to Hide My Muffin Top in a Prom Dress

The right undergarments can keep a muffin top from showing.

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"Muffin top" is a less than affectionate name given to the rolls of flesh that sometimes form when your middle is just a teensy bit wider than the waist of your clothes. One of the worst times to have it happen is before prom night. Even with a dress, a muffin top can occur because of your undergarments, making for a less-than-flattering roll shape beneath. Don't worry; you don't have to have the tummy of a fashion model to look great on your big night. Get control of this embarrassing problem by dressing smart. 


Get a dress that's not too tight, especially around the midsection. If the dress hangs a little loosely, a slight muffin top beneath the cloth won't show or won't be noticeable. Also, it's more comfy and better for shaking your groove thing! An empire waist, patterns, stripes and layers of fabric or pleats in the design will also help your case and give you the nice, smooth lines you want in your look.


Use a body shaper beneath your dress. This is an elastic garment kind of like a leotard, except it squeezes you everywhere and keeps your body shape nice and smooth (don't worry, that's a lot more comfortable than it sounds). This handy little number is just the thing for flattening drastic curves like muffin-top shapes. Wear it over your panties, but under your pantyhose and dress.


Wear thigh-high stockings rather than full pantyhose. That upper elastic is a major culprit for creating the muffin-top bulge that's visible through a dress, so why not just leave it off? If you must wear full hose, look for the ones labeled "control top"; these have elastic all throughout the waist, tummy and butt areas that'll pack things in just like the body shaper would, reducing the effect of the muffin top.


Go for a low-rise thong rather than high-waisted panties. The top band of your underwear might create a muffin top roll, but a tiny garment with a low waist will stay nicely out of the way, hanging around on your hips and low on your tummy. Also, no pantylines is a major bonus when you want to showcase that fabulous prom dress.


Accessorize with a wide sash around the waist. Whatever curves or muffin top shape you might have, you can effectively cover it with a sash or belt, provided it's at least five inches wide.

Things You'll Need


1.Prom dress

3.Thigh-high stockings

2.Body shaper

4.Wide sash


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