How to Hide Eyebrows With Makeup

Hide your eyebrows with makeup to create a whole new look.

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Shaving your eyebrows off to create a completely different look is completely unnecessary. When you know a few makeup artist "insider" secrets, you can hide your eyebrows with makeup instead of getting rid of them. Conceal your brows to create a new elaborate look or to reshape your brows. This method of concealing brows with makeup is easy to do, and it doesn't require any special tools or makeup.


Brush your eyebrows in the opposite direction of hair growth using a spoolie brush or clean mascara wand. Then, apply a glue stick to your eyebrows in the opposite direction of hair growth. Use any inexpensive glue stick to do so, and apply it directly from the packaging. No need to use any type of applicator.


Use a spoolie brush to brush your eyebrows back toward the direction of the hair growth, and then apply the glue stick to your eyebrows now in the direction of the hair growth. Several thin coats for each eyebrow should do the trick.


Set your glued brows with a bit of translucent powder. Gather powder onto a kabuki brush and dab onto brows.


Use a makeup spatula or butter knife to gather a bit of the glue stick. Plaster that bit of glue stick right onto your eyebrows. Do this right on top of the hairs only, and try to create a nice even layer over the top of your layers.


Repeat Step 3 again, setting this layer of glue with another layer of translucent powder.


Dab a liquid concealer onto brows using a concealer brush. It is important to dab and not rub the concealer onto brows. Use as much concealer as necessary to conceal the glue. Once you have one layer of concealer completely covering the brows, you can go back and brush (yes, I said "brush") on more concealer to create a more even appearance.


Cover the concealer and set it using another layer of translucent powder applied in the same way as before.


Apply a second coat of concealer, dabbing it on with a dampened sponge. Blend as you go.


Set that layer with another layer of translucent powder.


Apply liquid foundation with a dampened sponge all over face, concentrating on the eyebrows.

Things You'll Need


1.Spoolie brush or clean mascara wand

3.Translucent powder

5.Liquid concealer

7.Liquid foundation

2.Glue stick

4.Kabuki brush



Tips & Tricks


Be sure that your glue stick is labeled as "non-toxic."


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