How to Hide a Black Eye

A black eye hurts, but you can hide it with makeup.

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Black eyes can happen innocently enough, playing sports or even just unexpected clumsiness. If you get a nasty shiner that you’d rather not place on exhibit for the world to see, get creative with your makeup. Spend a little extra time and hide a black eye before you step out for the day or evening. The concealment might not be perfect, but it should minimize the gory details while your eye heals.

Assess the Damage

A black eye can happen from a blow to either the eye or the nose. After you get an injury like this, look at it carefully to make sure you’re not dealing with something serious. Expect it to swell -- that’s normal. The swelling can even get really scary without any serious issues. If your eye swells shut and you can’t see the eyeball or if you have major pain in the socket surrounding the eye, have a doctor check out your eye.

Stem the Swelling

To hide your black eye, you have to minimize the swelling as much as possible. Fill a plastic zipper bag with ice cubes and wrap it with a washcloth. Apply this compress to your eye as fast as you can to fight swelling. Keep the ice pack on your eye as long as necessary to prevent major swelling. The ice pack can also help control pain.


Choose a yellow concealer in liquid form to neutralize the bruise on the first days when it's at its worst. As the bruise slowly fades and changes to a brown or yellow color, switch to a green concealer to nix the discoloration. Working oh so carefully, blend in the concealer over the bruise with your fingertips, working from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner. Let this concealer dry and then cover this layer with a layer of concealer that matches your foundation.

Foundation Tricks

Choose foundation that is a tad lighter than your normal skin color. Load up a makeup sponge with this foundation and slather it generously over the entire eye area, above on the lid and below the eye. Don’t be afraid to be heavy with the foundation for completely coverage, but blend it in well with the makeup sponge. Keep working until you finish covering the entire eye area with foundation. Dust a little translucent powder over the eye to set the foundation.

Eye Shadow Magic

Choose an eye shadow that matches the color of the bruising on your eyelid. Load an eye shadow brush and lightly apply the eye shadow over the lids of both the black eye and the healthy eye. Keep going until you finish covering both lids as symmetrically as possible. As your black eye heals, you’ll need to change the color of the eye shadow you use each day because the bruising will change color.

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