How to Hide a Bad Hair Dye

Pulling out your hair in frustration is not a solution to a bad dye job.

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Let's face it ladies: At some point during your life, you've been faced with at least one bad hair dye experience. Whether your stylist was asleep at her post or the new auburn shade makes you head look like a grape, you need to hide that shameful mop and get on with your day. A little ingenuity and a bit of luck will leave your hair a little less horrifying and let you step out the door without completely ruining your rep as a fashion goddess.


Wet your hair with a bit of water, and apply an anti-frizz spray as damage control to prevent further poofing. Brush your hair straight down from the scalp, working out any huge knots with your fingers. Brushing won't stop a bad dye job, but it will keep dry, damaged hair from sticking out so bad.


Toss a hat over your hair to hide your shame. Pull your hair back from your temples and set the hat on your head, pushing both sides down evenly with your hands. If your hair is long enough, gather it at the back of your head and slip it through the opening at the back of the band for a cute, impromptu pony tail.


Slick back your bad style into a chic, messy braid. Brush your hair backwards, gathering it between your hands. Divide the hair into three even sections and braid it loosely, securing the end with a hair elastic. Pull a few strands free near your face for a softer, sexier solution to a bad dye job.


Contain the beast behind a head band. Slip the tips of the band behind your ears, pushing the head band up over your forehead, coming to a stop two or three inches past your hairline. Head bands with eye-catching bows or flowers will keep your hair at bay while distracting people from looking at your messy mop.


Hide horrible hair under your fave scarf. Fold the scarf in half corner to corner to form a large triangle. Push your hair back, and center the middle of the triangle in the middle of your forehead. Pull the ends behind your ears, and tie a square knot at the nape of your neck.

Things You'll Need


1.Wide paddle brush


5.Head band

2.Anti-frizz spray

4.Hair elastics



Tips & Tricks


If all else fails and you just can't wait for the terrible color to fade, schedule a salon appointment. They have tricks and tools to tone down bad dye jobs and restore confidence in your style.

People will never know your color isn't all you dreamed of. Grungy, funky-toned hair is all the rage.


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