The Best Hats for Rain

The right hat will have you snapping your fingers at the rain.

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Rain doesn't have to spoil your day. Think of it as an opportunity to try out a different fashion accessory. Hats have been a hallmark for fashion for decades. The annual Kentucky Derby is a showcase for fashionable, albeit, not the most realistic of hats considering the circumstances. Hats also have their practical side when it comes to rain. A good hat should, of course, keep you dry while also comfortable. The best hat for rain will look smart while being functional.


A waterproof breathable material offers a great way to keep you dry but also comfortable on those days when the rain leaves you feeling sticky. It's a good option for those rainy days when it is not overly cold. Several brands are available, including some proprietary brands from outdoor clothing manufacturers. Prices vary as well. The key to keep your hat waterproof with these fabrics is keeping it clean. You should choose one you can pop in the washer when needed. As a general rule, always follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning your hat.


A hat with a brim provides a bit of extra protection for your face and eyes against the elements. You can choose one with a brim that goes all the way around the hat's diameter or one with just a brim in the front. The latter will allow you to wear your hat with a hooded raincoat. It will keep the sides of the hood from sticking to your face and give a better view around you.

Cold and Rain

For those bone-chilling cold and rainy days, you may want to consider a hat with ear protection. Some hats have flaps to cover your ears that you can tuck inside the hat on warmer days. Having the option to go either way makes your hat more useful, no matter what the weather. You may also want to consider a hat with some type of insulating material on the inside. Wool keeps the warmth of your body close to keep your head and ears warm. Proprietary brands of insulation offer good alternatives if you don't like the feel of wool.

Other Considerations

If you like bright colors, choosing a rain hat that screams “Here I am!” is a practical option for rain gear. Your showy red or green hat will make you visible on a gray, rainy day, giving you an edge on safety. It can also add a bit of cheer on a day when you probably would not want to be out. The best hats for rain offer protection for keeping warm and dry. Mussing your hair, after all, is a better option than getting wet.

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