Harem Pants for Body Types

Loose and slouchy harem pants allow easy, breezy movement.

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Sometimes referred to as balloon pants, Aladdin pants or genie pants, harem pants fit loosely around your hips and upper legs and then taper to a slim shape near your knees or ankles. With their playful Bohemian shape, harem pants can look chic, sweet, sexy or casual, depending on how you wear them. Avoid a fashion disaster by choosing the right harem pants style to flatter your figure.


A woman with an apple body shape carries most of her weight on top, while her hips and legs remain relatively petite. As a general rule, it’s safe to say that if your shoulders are 2 or more inches wider than your hips, you’re an apple. Ladies with an apple shape have killer legs that are slim and slender. Harem pants are an easy fit for these lucky ladies. The generous fit around the middle can hide an imperfect tummy, while the tapered legs emphasize your slim calves and ankles. For your best look, choose harem pants with a cropped leg and a simple waist.


Opposite from the apple is the pear body shape, which carries its junk in its trunk. With petite shoulders and a small bust, the pear has wider hips and heavier legs. When dressing the pear body shape, the key is to maintain a balanced proportion between the upper and lower body. Unfortunately, finding the right fit with harem pants can be a bit difficult. The slouchy fabric around your hips and buttocks can camouflage that junk in your trunk. Just be sure to play around with the length of the pant leg to find your best fit. Long harem pants may look best if your legs are less than perfect. Either way, highlight your trim tummy with a belt around your waist.


When you have an hourglass body shape, your voluptuous curves are probably one of your favorite features. Your shoulders and hips are roughly the same size, while your waist is about 10 inches smaller. While some women with an hourglass shape have lean legs, others have less-than-shapely gams. Harem pants can look quite fabulous on an hourglass shape. Look for a pair that emphasizes your tiny waist with a flashy belt. And if you really want to show off your voluptuous shape, choose a slightly fitted pair of harem pants that hugs your curves.


Slim, slender and straight as a ruler, this body type features relatively equal measurements in the chest, waist and hips. These features result in a straight torso with very little curvature. The main challenge for dressing the ruler body type involves adding a bit of shape to your straight frame. A woman with a ruler body type will likely have the easiest time finding a pair of harem pants to flatter her figure. The unusual shape of the pants gives you the shape and curve your natural body lacks. Choose any pair of harem pants that fits your fancy.

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