How to Get Hardened Maple Syrup Out of Clothes

Don't let sticky-sweet maple syrup ruin your clothes.

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Once maple syrup hardens on clothes, which doesn't take long, it may seem impossible to remove. But don't toss out your perfectly broken in jeans or your most comfy sweatshirt just because of some hardened maple syrup. With the right products and removal methods, your clothes will be syrup-free in no time.

Method 1


Flush the fabric with warm water, working from the backside of the stain.


Drizzle liquid laundry detergent over the front side of syrup spot. Tamp the spot with a clean, dry rag. Let it sit for about 20 minutes, then rinse the fabric well under warm water.


Moisten a clean rag with white vinegar and use it to blot the stain.


Drizzle more detergent onto the spot, tamp it and let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse the spot under warm water and blot again with the rag and vinegar.


Alternate using the laundry detergent, then blotting with vinegar until no more syrup comes off the fabric.


Apply a laundry pretreatment spray to any remaining syrup on the clothing. Launder the clothing as usual.

Method 2


Fill a sink or bucket with 1 qt. of lukewarm water. Add 1 tbsp. white vinegar and 2 tsp. liquid dish soap.


Submerge the stained clothing in the mixture. Let it soak for 15 minutes, then rinse the clothing under cool water.


Moisten a clean rag with rubbing alcohol. Work from the middle of the stain towards the edges and lightly blot the alcohol onto the syrup spot.


Fill a sink or bucket with 1 qt. of warm water and 1 tbsp. of an enzyme pre-soak laundry product. You can find enzyme pre-soak products down the laundry aisle of most grocery stores. Put the clothing in the mixture and let it soak for 30 minutes.


Wash the clothing as usual. Add the chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach, depending on the care label of the clothing, to the wash load. Refer to the bottle of bleach for specific amounts to use.

Things You'll Need


1.Liquid laundry detergent

3.White vinegar

5.Sink or bucket

7.Rubbing alcohol

9.Chlorine or oxygen bleach


4.Laundry pretreatment spray

6.2 tsp. liquid dish soap

8.1 tbsp. enzyme pre-soak laundry product


Tips & Tricks


Never place the clothing in the dryer until you're sure all of the syrup is gone. The heat from the dryer will set in the stain.

Always test the stain removal product you are using on a small part of the fabric to check for color changes or damage to the fabric.

If the clothing is dry clean only, seek the help of a professional cleaner to remove the maple syrup stain.


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