What Will Happen If You Dye Your Hair Twice in a Day?

Back-to-back hair colors can spell disaster for you hair.

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Obviously, dying your hair twice in one day is not a typical scenario, unless you're a serial hair dyer. Yet, sometimes your dream hair color ends up a a scary nightmare instead. If you've decided to attempt a do over, there's some important info you need first -- or your nasty hair could go from bad to worse!

Color Disaster

Back-to-back colors at home can be a recipe for disaster. So many things can go wrong if you don't know what you're doing, and the color you hate could end up looking gorgeous compared to what you might create by mixing the wrong colors. Hair that has just been colored is much more porous, and any color you put on top is going to go much darker than it usually would. Also, trying to put a darker color, like a brown, over dyed blond hair is going to make you look like you've got grass growing out of your head. That's right, girl, green hair!

Damaged Hair

All chemical processes take their toll on the hair. If done right, and spaced appropriately, the damage colors do to hair is minimal and usually just results in increased body in the hair -- an added bonus. Yet, a double-header of coloring can dry the hell out of your hair and leave it a straw-like mess. Already have ends that are dry? Those parched areas are going to suck up the color faster and you'll likely end up with two-toned hair because of it. You also risk giving your scalp a nasty chemical burn with back-to-back colors. Do a patch test by rubbing a little color on your scalp, just behind your ear, and leave it for 10 minutes. If there's no burning you should be OK.

How to Do It Right

It's tricky business to perform color correction, even in the salons. If you can, get to a salon to have a bad dye job fixed. If you really must do it at home, do so only under the right circumstances. First, you have to know that if your first color has gone too dark, you cannot lighten it with a new, lighter hair color. Color won't lift color, so you're going to have to strip the first color with a color remover first. Second, if you need to go darker only do so by one or two levels (remember the green hair?). Use a semi-permanent hair color that won't further damage your hair, but will slightly darken what you have. If you're trying to fix orange hair, two-toned hair or any other nightmare scenario, keep your box of hair dye to yourself and get to a salon, pronto.

After-Color Care

Whether you got double-dyed at home or at a salon, your hair is going to need extra TLC. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week for the next month to ensure your hair gets some moisture back into it. Ease off the heated styling tools if possible and, when you do use them, use a heat protector to help avoid heat damage. Oh, and this should go without saying, but just in case the thought entered your mind -- don't color you hair again for at least a month!

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