How to Hand Sew Leather Vest Patches

Hand sewing leather patches adds a nice touch to your outfits.

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While leather is trickier to sew by hand than cotton, you can sew all but the thickest leather yourself with patience and the right tools. Customize your leather vest with patches for a look that's all your own. Patched leather vests aren't office appropriate, but you can make a entrance at the club or on the go with this urban chic look.


Decide where you want to place the leather patch. Move the patch over your vest to test out different locations. Tape it down, then try on the vest. Once you're happy with the placement, secure the patch with clear tape.


Cut two arm's lengths of thread and thread your leather needle. Double the thread over upon itself to get a double layer, which lends more stability to your sewing job. Secure the thread with a double knot.


Place the needle beneath the patch, on the inside of your vest. Insert the needle through the leather from the underside, pushing up. Pull the needle all the way through, until the double knot catches against the leather.


Move the needle 1/8 inch over and push the needle through the patch, then the leather, pushing the needle all the way through until the thread becomes taut. You just completed one stitch.


Continue to stitch your patch onto the vest, inserting the needle first from the underside, then moving it across the patch and pushing it down into the vest. Work all the way around the circumference of the patch.


Tie both ends of the thread together when you finish, using a double knot. This will be on the inside of the vest so no one will see.


Cut the thread with scissors.


Style your newly patched vest with your fave clothes and show off your handiwork!

Things You'll Need


1.Clear tape


2.Waxed linen thread

4.Leather needle


Tips & Tricks


Keep your stitches the same size for a uniform, neat look. Small stitches look better than large ones.


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