Hand Lotion That Helps Nails Grow

Achieve soft, smooth, healthy hands.

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When it comes to planning your day, effective multitasking is the secret to success. This also goes for beauty products. The key to maintaining beautiful hands is having healthy skin and nails. Moisturize your delicate hands while also infusing your nails and cuticles with vital hydration and nourishment -- both of which are essential for strength, resilience and fast growth. Don't allow nail ridges and cracked knuckles to put a damper on your spirit.


Lock in essential moisture for hours on end with a replenishing and calming hand moisturizer that has a fast-absorbing, non-oily texture and aims to leave your skin, nails and cuticles feeling as good as new. Try out a glycerin-based formula that nourishes and strengthens nails and cuticles using a combination of protective, soothing and fortifying ingredients such as vitamins E and C, as well as birch and barley extracts.


If you're looking for a healing moisturizer that replenishes stressed-out, brittle and peeling skin, nails and cuticles, try an anti-inflammatory hand treatment. Look for a cream that comes to the rescue of dehydrated hands -- quickly quenching peeling, cracking and flaking skin back to silky-soft perfection. To restore fingernails' health, find a petrolatum-infused soothing cream that also aims to smooth out hangnails and cuticles, getting them back on the track to rapid growth and sturdiness.

Environmental Factors

Harsh environmental factors can wreak havoc on your nails and hands, whether it's aggressive winds or the sun's ultraviolet rays. Encourage your nails to grow back faster, stronger and more resilient with a thick, fast-acting, silky and protective cream that replenishes and hydrates split nails, thin nails and dry hands using a blend of protective vitamin E, barley and wheat germ.


If slow-growing nails aren't your only problem, and discoloration and age spots all over your hands are driving you batty, opt for a nail and hand cream that fortifies nails while evening out skin tone. Seek out a nongreasy and decadent formula that intensively hydrates hands, nails and cuticles, all while preventing and eliminating issues such as unevenness, irritation and chapping. To get "tough as nails" nails, look for key softening and fortifying ingredients like sesame seed oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil.

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