Hairstyles for a Weak Chin

Christina Ricci's angled bangs at the 2010 Library Lions Benefit strengthen her weak chin.

Photo: Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You may have a strong personality, but you feel like your weak chin is working against you. Fortunately, the right haircut can balance out even the most disproportionate facial features. It’s like a trip to the plastic surgeon without the pain (or the sky-high bill!) However, finding the best new look for you isn’t just about hiding your less-than-perfect features. It’s also about balance, which means choosing a hairstyle that flatters your whole face.

Your Face Type

So here’s the basic scoop: You may have a weak chin, but your chin alone doesn’t determine your face type. So what’s your type? Because “square” faces typically have strong, hard jawlines, you can rule that type out. However, you may still have an oval, long, heart or round-shaped face. Oval faces are slightly longer than they are wide, with a rounded hairline. Long faces are much longer than they are wide. Heart-shaped faces have very wide brows that narrow down to a small chin, and round faces are — you guessed it — circular.

Go Short!

A short- or medium-length 'do, especially one with layers that fall at your jawline, can shape up a weak chin. Wherever a layer falls, the eye will naturally go there, so the best way to amp up a feature is to put a layer nearby (that explains why sultry-eyed ladies like Zooey Deschanel look so stunning with bangs). For you, a chin-length, classic bob will strengthen your chin. Or, try a short cut with plenty of geometric lines and angles that fall near your jawline. If your face is heart-shaped, avoid going too short at the nape of the neck. If your face is oblong, keep your general length at the chin or longer. If your face is round or oval, avoid too much volume on the sides.

Long and Layered

You don’t have to crop your hair to strengthen the look of your chin. In fact, a longer ‘do may do just as well, and it will help elongate a round or heart-shaped face. Just make sure to add some layers at chin-level, or try a wavy, swept-back hairstyle to keep your locks from overwhelming your face. Square bangs may also look stunning with longer tresses and their bluntness will add some angles to your chin and jawline. Think of Christina Ricci when she wears blunt or side-swept bangs just past her eyebrows: Her weak chin suddenly looks much more intense.

Your Hair Type

Although a great stylist can probably make any ‘do work for you, you’ll be happiest if you pick one that works with your hair type — whether it’s straight and fine or coarse and curly. Generally, razored edges work best with straight hair (razors turn curly hair into frizz), while short, swingy cuts and super-long layers look best with thick, wavy and curly hair. Curly-headed ladies should avoid thick bangs and short, blunt cuts, as well.

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