Hairstyles for Unmanageable Curly Hair

A few styling tricks can make your curly locks work for you.

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When you look in the mirror, you think "unmanageable," but other gals probably envy your amazing volume. Your curls give your hair maximum body, even if they do drive you crazy. Some hairstyles make your curls seem wilder, though, while others help tame them down. Try these quick fixes and new 'dos for more manageable locks.

Keep It Short or Go Long

A short bob or a very short cut can make curls much easier to work with. Talk to an expert stylist about short cuts that will help to shape your hair, since some cuts can make curls crazier. If you love long locks, the length can tame down your hair, too. If you're patient enough to carefully brush those tresses with a hair pick and keep them free from harsh products, you'll have flowing princess locks that others will envy.

Try a Half Updo

The half updo frames your face with curly tresses while keeping those locks in line. Keep it loose, sweeping back the top half of your hair but letting some locks hang free in the front. As says, building volume on top gives this hairstyle a trendy and more interesting look --- and you should have no problem with this. Gently tug some of the strands on top upward so your hair has a little more "poof" on top. Or fasten hair back in sections --- one right on top to add volume and others that wind around the sides. Use a big barrette to keep those lush locks in place --- then you don't have to fuss with trying to pull them through a hair tie and risk breaking or stressing your strands.

Twist and Pin

For a quick style with sophistication, twist up chunks of hair and pin it in place with bobby pins. Let some curls hang loose to add "oomph" in the back --- you don't want it to look like you squashed it flat sleeping on it. Accent with pretty barrettes or clips, and leave some tendrils hanging free around your face.


Braids on super-curly hair give you a sweet 'n sexy look that straight hair can never rival. Try one long braid that falls over your shoulder, with lots of curly wisps springing out around your face. Braided pigtails take that look to a whole new level of cuteness, and even the curliest hair won't be able to escape.

Double Knots

This look also plays on your hair's "unmanageable" style --- craziness is key! Divide hair into two sections, and one at a time, sweep them up and wind them into loose knots above your ears. They should stand out a little at the side, since the whole point is to see them. Wrap hair ties around the base of the knots, and use bobby pins to fasten the puffy part in place. Let some curls spring loose --- your hair will look like it's a ticking time bomb waiting to spring loose, but you'll know it's safely secured.

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