Hairstyles for Uneven Hair

A simple bun hairstyle helps cover up any uneveness in your hair.

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If you don't keep up with your regular trims, you might end up noticing that your hair starts growing longer in certain spots than others. It's not exactly the most stylish look, but hey, you're a busy girl and don't always have the time to make it to the salon as often as you'd like. It's really no problem at all though, because you can style your hair so your little unevenness problem won't be so noticeable.


A bun is one of the simplest hairstyles -- time tested by generations of women -- but it works fabulously when you're trying to cover up an uneven hair issue. Twist your hair into a basic bun at the back of your head, securing it by sliding bobby pins in all around the outside of the bun. To spice up your bun style, add a twist or bun form into your hair before making the.

French Twist

If you're looking for a more glamorous do, try a French twist. Ideal for medium to long hair, it looks fancy, but it's surprisingly easy to do. Rake your hair together into a ponytail at the back of your head, before winding the ponytail hair around a couple of times to create a twist. Hold the twist up against your head vertically, sliding bobby pins in over the twist on both sides to secure it in place. Tuck the ends of the hair in for a smooth, classic look.


A braid is a romantic, playful look. You don't have to stick with your basic English braid either -- you know, the kind you learned in day camp with all your best girlfriends -- and can try a stylish French braid on for size, or a funky fishtail braid for an offbeat, boho look. Whatever way you do it, a braided style pulls your hair together and masks any unevenness.

Messy Updo

A messy updo style looks effortlessly chic and always super sexy and fun. The key is leaving some loose pieces out around your face to keep it playful and low-key. With the rest of your hair, form it into a loose chignon -- or bun -- at the nape of your neck, letting loose pieces fall out around the back too. The random, haphazard look of this hot style keeps any unevenness from showing through.

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