Hairstyles With Soft Buns

A soft, tousled bun looks naturally gorgeous.

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For a flirty and free-spirited riff on a classic, take the basic bun from ho-hum to deliberately undone. Tousled buns play nice with every hair texture and are easy to pull off. A soft, loose bun hairstyle can be hippie-chic, funky or low-key glam -- whatever style vibe you're feeling today.

Tousled Side Buns

Two messy side buns makes for one easy-breezy but trendy look -- perfect for a day-to-night style. Use a fine-toothed comb to create a side part. Then, direct the part back to the opposite side at an angle, toward the nape of your neck. Divide your hair into two ponytails, positioned at opposite angles. Secure tightly with elastics. Grab one pony and twist it softly around its own base, then use bobby pins to set it on your scalp. Pull the ends out of the bun for a cool, wispy effect. Repeat on the other side and then set with hair spray.

Soft Chignon

Chignons don't have to be prim and polished -- a soft, loose chignon looks flirty and low key. Gently blow dry hair straight with a round brush, then use your fingers and a dab of texturizing product to rough it up a bit. Pull hair back into a ponytail and secure at the nape of the neck with an elastic -- but leave a few wispy front pieces free to frame your face. Now twist the pony around itself in a figure-eight shape and pin loosely against the nape of your neck to form the chignon. With your fingers, pull and push on the edges of the chignon to create a messy, fluffed-out effect. Pull a few strands out of the chignon and let them fall as they may.

Wavy Side Bun

Drop that straightening iron -- this flirty, deliberately undone 'do works perfectly with naturally wavy hair. First, score some added definition and shine with a dab of styling wax worked through dry tresses. Then use a rat-tail comb to create an angled side part. Backcomb the bottom layers of hair for extra volume and a tousled texture. Gather up the back sections and one side of your hair, letting the hair on the same side as your part hang loose. Tuck the gathered hair under toward your scalp, then pin it to the same side of your head as the part, forming a loose, asymmetrical bun. Finish with a spritz of light-hold hair spray.

Curly Undone Bun

Curly-haired cuties will love this soft, body-licious bun -- it gets along just fine with even the tightest of ringlets. Smooth a curl cream through just-washed tresses and scrunch with your hands as you blow dry with a diffuser. Gather your hair into a high, tight ponytail and secure with an elastic at the top of your crown. The last time you twist the elastic, don't pull the pony all the way through -- leave the ends tucked to form a small, tousled bun. Push the bun forward a bit with your fingers to create the softly voluminous undone effect. Smooth back any loose tendrils around the hairline with another dab of curl cream. To glam up the look, add two pretty barrettes one inch up from your bun.

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