Hairstyles for a Small Thin Face & a Long Neck

Getting the right cut can accentuate your gorgeous face and neck.

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If you've got a small, thin face and long neck, you've likely got some seriously elegant bone structure. Rocking the right haircut can highlight your fabulous features -- and play down those that make you feel a little insecure. A good haircut can also create illusions -- to help give you the look you want.

The Length

When it comes to hair length, you can get away with almost anything. But if you wish your face was just a bit more full, go with a short blunt cut. Full hair around the face often makes the face itself look more full. And if you love your long neck, go with a short cut that shows it off. If not, grow your hair at least to your shoulders, so you can conceal it if you choose.

The Style

If you love your face just how it is, get some layers incorporated into your 'do. Pieces of hair that fall around your face will draw attention to it -- and especially to your fabulous cheekbones. Longer, face-framing layers can help hide a long neck, if that's a concern. But most ladies consider a long neck an asset, so you should think about showing it off.


To make your face look less thin, go with some bangs. Blunt cut bangs are another way to get your face to look fuller and wider. However, you might want to try side-swept bangs, which can add some softness to a bony face. If you're not a fan of the fringe, you can certainly get away with no bangs. But not having them accentuates a thin face, which is perfectly fine, as long as you're comfortable with that.

The Part

Believe or not, a part plays a big part in the way your face appears. If your thin face is on the long side and you want it to look a little shorter, go with a side part. This placement draws attention to your eyes instead of your forehead -- where a middle draws the attention. And when the focus is on your forehead, your face looks longer, which can make it look even thinner. Additionally, the side part draws the eye to the side of your face, instead of the center, which typically creates attention to the neck.

Go Really Short

If you love your petite features, try a short and tousled pixie cut. Super short layers -- softly spiked out on the top and sides -- will emphasize your features, create a little width to your face, and fully reveal that lovely neck.

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