Hairstyles With Short Hair in the Back and Long on the Side

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin knows how to style a dramatically angled short cut the right way.

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If your hair is cut with shorter pieces around the back and a longer length at the sides, whether you've got an uber-short tapered cut or a longer, angled cut, you can style your 'do in lots of different ways. The key is keeping the difference of length in your hair in mind, to style it so it looks chic, not sloppy. The good news is that it takes a lot less product and time to style your layered locks than to style a blunt, straight cut.


With shorter strands, it's pretty much always a wash-and-wear look to show off shorter strands at the back with longer sides. At the back, you at most have an inch or so to work with, so just a bit of pomade through your hair creates a fun, playful, roughed-up look that takes only minutes to complete, but that is still super chic and styled enough to wear to the office. Just the teensiest bit of pomade or wax can help you achieve this look.


As for medium-length hair that's shorter at the back and angling around to longer hair, this is also known as a bob cut. It's a really versatile cut, because you still have enough length to play around with and create loose and updo styles, but it's still short enough that it's not a lot of fuss and hassle. Show off the definition with a sleek straight style; blow-dry your hair with a paddle brush to smooth it out, before flat-ironing it. Pin a small section of hair up on one side or add a fun hair accessory to finish your look.


If you have longer locks, your cut is quite dramatic with the shorter pieces at the back and the longer at the sides. It doesn't matter if your hair is cut on a sharp angle from back to front or has lots of layers. To show off your unique cut, straighten it to get it sleek and smooth, then flip the ends up or under. Even the slightest flip creates major definition and looks flirty and chic. Even wearing your hair in a basic half-up or ponytail style creates a sassy look.


Although it's always good to get regular trims to keep your hair looking its best, with such a dramatic cut as this, it's especially important to keep up with your trims. As your hair starts growing in, the different layers start to blend together, and some sections of your hair might even grow much faster than others, leaving you with a sloppy-looking style instead of the chic cut you started with.

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