The Best Hairstyles for Shedding Hair

You can mourn the loss or celebrate options for disguising hair loss.

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According to, everyone on the planet loses around 40 hairs every day as the result of the natural shedding cycle. But if you’re counting every one and dealing with a scalp that’s jettisoning hair faster than your cat in the spring, that 40-hair count looks huge. Perhaps you’ve seen your doctor. Tried vitamins. Done yoga hoping that a calm mind will influence your follicles. Time to give yourself some reassurance and TLC by learning some tricks that can help your tresses look full and fashionable while you sort out your hair shedding issues.

Color You Beautiful

When women begin shedding hair, many point the finger at dyes, over-shampooing and other external causes. Fact is, you don’t have to give up your favorite hair care rituals just because your hair is thinning. Take the advice of Leesa Suzman in “Good Housekeeping" magazine, who says there’s no need to abandon your colorist. “The thinner your strands, the faster dye and bleach will process on them.” According to the folks at Hair Styles Secrets, “Coloring your hair is a fantastic way to disguise your thinning hair.” Lowlights and highlights boost contrast and show style over substance. Hair color can even make the hair shaft look plump. When was the last time you wanted something to look plump?

Use a Little Patchwork Magic

When you visit your stylist, specify a hairstyle that will produce a creative cover-up, particularly if your go-to guy can provide you with real hair patches, which are growing in popularity with women facing hair loss issues. Hair patches aren’t cheap, but if you can afford them, you won’t be sorry. An adhesive creates the bond between scalp and patch. Next, your hair gets its usual pampering – cut, color, style. Hair patches hold up beautifully for a month, at which point you return to your hair magician and have new ones applied. Futuristic? You betcha. But you want your hair to look great and these patches can do the trick.

Create Optical Illusions

If your stylist isn’t a whiz at making a thinning head of hair look full, there’s no shame in finding one who can do the job – a stylist who knows the power of optical illusions. Get more volume with bobs, asymmetrical cuts that plump up the crown of your hair, and insist on as many layers as your hair cutter can manage. When layers are chopped at myriad lengths, hair appears thicker. If your cutter is a whiz with a razor, expect even more volume. Ask for a thickening serum such as Sephora’s Living Proof Full Thickening Cream to pump up the illusion.

Part Company with Parts

When you were a kid, your mom may have parted your lush tresses down the middle and plaited them into thick braids tied with perky ribbons. You’ve outgrown the pigtails and now it’s time to outgrow parts, too, since all they do is call attention to your pretty pink scalp. No need to abandon your favorite comb if you can’t live without a part; ask your stylist to create zigzag parts instead. These short, irregular and randomly placed “partettes” can help disguise the fact that your hair thinning. Oh, and fluffy bangs can cover a multitude of sins, so if you’ve got forehead to spare, try ‘em out.

Leave the Past Behind

To battle shedding hair, you need a contemporary attitude and the willingness to cut your long hair off if you want to disguise your hair shedding problem. Pixies are not mandatory, but above the shoulder cuts that add movement to your locks will make you happier each time you check the mirror. Soft curls add texture, so whether you’ve got natural curls or a perm, you’ll see more volume when you look in the mirror. By the way, you can maximize the appearance of thin hair simply by drying yours with your head upside down. Who knew?

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