Hairstyles With Shaggy, Tapered Ends for Women

Short, tapered layers create a gorgeous, no-fuss 'do.

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A shag haircut has lots of layers, and the top layers are usually pretty short. Tapering the layers with a technique like razoring the ends builds the hair’s volume. If you’re looking for low maintenance, the shaggy haircut’s got it. This type of cut is all about creating a messy look, while the layers define your style and keep your locks in line. These looks work well for straight or wavy hair, but if you’ve got curls, a variation may work for you too.

Super-Shaggy Bob

If you’re going for a funky and low-maintenance look, try a shaggy bob. Have some strands cut short and wispy, while others hang to your jaw line or a little below. Those short, tapered strands are lots of fun to style, teasing them up or spiking them out a bit. The shaggy bob lets you play around with your layers to keep your look fresh. Try flipping the middle layers out and spiking the bottom ones downward so they’re straight as a board.

Bob With Long Layers

Try a bob that comes to the bottom of your ears, with long tapered layers. If you have really straight hair, or can straighten it completely, try spiking it out a little for a fun, flirty look. Flipping the ends out will look cute, too. Long, tapered bangs complete the look.

Short and Spiky

If you want to show off your features with a daring crop, cut your hair so it’s only around 2 to 5 inches long. A shaggy, tapered style will give your hair body. All you’ll need to do is spike up your top tresses or part your hair at an angle and add a barrette to polish off your look. Wear bangs some days for a fresh look that frames your face or keep your front strands spiked up.

Long Shag

If you love the shag but don’t want to let go of your long locks, you can have both. Long, tapered layers add loads of volume and style. Nab a sexy Farrah Faucet feathered shag with softly tapered layers, creating the “winged” look she was famous for. This style has lots of texture. If you want a choppier look, ask your stylist to define each layer so the layers don’t blend together.

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