Hairstyles for Round Faces With Short Hair

Ginnifer Goodwin's pixie cut flatters her round face at The Artists Museum Happening MOCA Los Angeles Gala.

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You don't need angular bone structure to sport short hair -- round-faced ladies can absolutely go short, too. If you have a round face but want to rock a short haircut, the trick is to find a style that's a suitable frame for your face shape. Choose the right cut, and hacking off your long locks will make that round face of yours absolutely shine.

Pixie Cuts

If you want a super-short cropped cut, opt for a pixie with lots of little, defined pieces and pointy, sideswept bangs. Hairstylist Jimmy Paul tells "Allure" magazine that this short piecey cut helps round-faced ladies by emphasizing cheekbones and giving the illusion of more bone structure. The secret to making this 'do work is to give it plenty of texture and definition. You don't want that pixie to fluff up like cotton and make your face look fuller, so rub some pomade in to texturize your strands.


If you want to sport a short bob, stay away from precision cuts that are all one length, and go for a razored, choppy bob with lots of layers instead. All those face-framing pieces of hair will help slenderize a rounder, fuller face by creating angles. When styling, leaving your locks a little messy can also help counteract the soft roundness of your face. Use texturizing spray to make your bob's layers stand out, and don't overbrush it -- think imprecise, not polished.


Want to frame your round face with something a little wilder? Try a classic short shag -- like the style that's become Meg Ryan's signature cut. Because a shag has more volume at the top and tons of playful, chaotic layers on the way down, it'll work a nice slimming effect on your round face, and bring in plenty of roundness-reducing angles.


If your face is round, try to avoid hairdos with lots of volume on the sides, which can widen your face even more. What you want to do instead is concentrate volume on top to give your face a longer, more oval appearance. Short, piecey layers can achieve this, and so can a little teasing at your crown. Another trick? Flop your hair over into a side part. It'll break up that perfect circle on top of your shoulders and make your face look longer.

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