Hairstyles for a Person With a Long Diamond-Shaped Face

Jennifer Love Hewitt, shown at the US Weekly Hot Hollywood Awards in 2006, shows that volumized hair and bangs swept to the side balance out a diamond shaped face.

Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A diamond face shape is an oval face shape with angles. An oval being the most versatile of the face shapes, you aren't far behind in your number of options for hairstyles. And you're also in great (and stunning) company -- celebrities like Madonna, Amanda Peet, Rihanna and Jennifer Love Hewitt are all in the same category as you. The objective of hairstyles for someone with a diamond face shape is to balance out a narrower chin and wider cheekbones and to not accentuate the vertical length of the face.

Long Hair

Madonna may be the queen of updating her look, but there's no denying that she looks fantastic with her longer hairstyle -- the one that she wore super choppy and fanned out, like a less curly but very modern version of the famous Farrah Fawcett style. The bangs were side swept but curled outwards, as were the remaining layers of hair, to widen the face. The overall sweeping style of this hair softens out the angles of a diamond face shape.

Medium Hair

Adorable actress Amanda Peet looks even more adorable whenever she dons her medium length hairstyle with shorter bangs that are tucked off to the side. The key here is to make the rest of the hair wispy and somewhat choppy as opposed to longer wispier lengths that stick close to the head and lengthen your face. The jagged edges should stick out from your face, widening the face overall.

Short Hair

Want to go for a chic bob, but afraid that short hair will only make your face look longer and your chin smaller? Not to worry -- back in 2006, Jennifer Love Hewitt demonstrated how to do this perfectly, with a side-swept hairdo. The bob was volumized to create a rounded frame around her face, which balanced out the narrowness of her face, and the ends tapered around her chin, spotlighting it in a good way to make it seem a little more present on her face. Extreme side bangs that begin way towards the back of the head help to widen the face overall. Rihanna's bob is also similar, though hers is straightened, giving off a tougher, more edgy look (but it works just as well!).

What to Avoid

There are several things to avoid when choosing a hairstyle for a diamond face shape. You should stay away from hairstyles that have height on the top (like a poof), as well as from short bangs, which make the face look longer than it is. Wispy, longer layers accentuate the smallness of the chin, and though bangs are necessary to balance out this face shape, straight cut fringe bangs (as well as a straight center part) don't serve you quite as well as side-swept bangs.

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