Hairstyles for People With Widow's Peaks

Side bangs can minimize the peaking.

Photo: Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Sure, some women love the way a widow's peak bisects their foreheads -- but you don't. You're not alone; many women wish they could ditch the forehead "V." Lots of trendy hair styles naturally hide the peak, meaning you'll look fashion forward while hiding your peak. Choose from a variety of styles and learn what to avoid to look and feel comfortable with your features.


Stay away from center-part hairstyles that totally showcase your widow's peak front and center. Side parts make it less noticeable, but how much and where you part is up to you. When pulling your hair back, check the part in the mirror to make sure you're peak is covered.


Add bangs to your arsenal to camouflage your forehead -- and your widow's peak with it. Choose straight long bangs that fall to your brows or long side bangs that you can brush to one side. Asymmetry works in your favor; people will notice your dramatic swept-over bangs and blow right by the widow's peak look. Avoid short Bettie bangs, since they're more likely to draw attention to your forehead than longer styles.


If you've got curls and can't do bangs, or don't want bangs for another reason, go with a layered cut. "Cosmopolitan" suggests layers that fall near your ear. Wispy layers that frame the sides of your face also work. Again, this draws attention down from the forehead area to your layers and gives you a super-sexy feminine softness.


Cute hair accessories accent your wardrobe and work to spice up all of your widow's peak hair options. Headbands or scarves can hold bangs or layers in place, and cute hats cover up more than a bad hair day. Bobby pins or barrettes work to hold hair in a side part or keep layers out of your face.

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