Hairstyles for Medium to Long Brunette Hair


Sure, blondes may be regarded as having more fun, but ravishing brunettes bring their own brand of excitement as well. While brown or black hair may not command as much attention as other colors, it still has the ability to stand out and look stunning when styled appropriately. For you ladies that have medium to long brunettes locks, there are a myriad of hairstyles to choose from that are guaranteed to have you looking red-carpet-ready in a flash.

Long, Loose Waves

Sexy, effortless and flattering, adorning your brunette hair with beachy, free-flowing waves is one of the best ways to display your medium- or long-length hair. Long, loose waves are an ideal option for those that want texture, while also maintaining a fuss-free appearance and styling time. OK, ladies, to achieve this fierce hairstyle you have a few options that are both incredibly easy, giving you more time for fabulous activities. If curling irons are your thing, lightly curl hair from the root to the end and pull apart with your fingers, then complete with finishing spray. Another option is to twist damp hair, let it set overnight and then unravel it in the morning before applying holding spray. Your sultry brunette tresses will turn more than a few heads!

Bountiful Curls

Ladies, there are few things sexier than a head full of big, bountiful curls, and they look especially good on brunette hair because darker hair appears thicker than lighter hues. Medium to long locks are perfect because your curls will be plentiful. Now, depending on your preference, you could opt for medium, large or extra-large curls, which can be created with curling irons of various sizes. The key to pulling this look off flawlessly is utilizing holding spray and the ever-important skill of teasing. Once you have applied curls all over your head, flip your hair upside down and lightly spray. Flip your hair back up and begin to tease at the crown, forming curls with your fingers and spraying along the way. Once you're done, you'll have big, beautiful, bombshell hair reminiscent of a vintage Hollywood starlet.

Sleek Ponytail

Some things never go out of style and always manage to flatter practically everyone, and a ponytail is one of them. Appropriate for every occasion and hair type, a ponytail looks best when there is some considerable length cascading out the back. This is why your brunette medium/long strands look fabulous fashioned into a sleek ponytail. The key element of this style is that your hair should be completely smooth and free from any texture, so pomade and a flat iron are essential. The exact placement of your ponytail depends on what you like, so feel free to experiment with ponys in the middle, at the nape, to the side or high atop the head. Quick tip. For an added dose of runway chic, take a one-inch section of your ponytail, wrap it around the elastic securing your ponytail and pin it down.

Messy Bun

The "bed head" look is all the rage right now, what with Hollywood celebs, supermodels and media personalities rocking hairstyles that appear to have a "rolled out of bed" look. One of the most popular of these looks is the messy bun, which is stunning on brunette hair that ventures between medium and long territory. Create a little texture by implementing curls or waves throughout your entire head and lightly spray with finishing spray. Tease the hair just a little at the crown for shape, and secure with an elastic band. Form the hair into a bun as you pin it down along the way. Finally, pull stray hairs out at the nape, the sides or the front -- and voila! An undone bun!

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