Hairstyles for Long, Permed Hair

Display your sassy personality with your long, permed hair.

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Curling your hair every day can be a pain. Rather than breaking out the rollers or curling irons each morning, get a permanent wave. Stylists use chemicals such as ammonium hydroxide and keratin to give you luscious curls and waves that last for months. Once your long hair is permed to perfection, you can show off many hairstyles, whether you're at the beach or a fancy banquet.

The Majestic Mane

Good news: big hair is trendy again. Since your hair is permed into waves or curls, it's much easier to add volume to your kinked locks. Bend over and let your hair fall upside down. Spray at the roots of your hair at the back of your head with an extra hold hair spray. Fluff up your hair with the other hand as you spray. Flip your hair back and stand up straight. Just from this one move, your hair should already have a lot of volume. If you want to go even bigger, back comb the middle layer of your hair. Don't back comb the top layer or you'll look like a frizzy mess, and nobody wants that.

The Messy Bun

The big appeal of permed hair is the curly tendrils. If you want your hair out of your face while still showing the beautiful ringlets, pull back your hair into a messy bun. Twist the hair and secure it to your head with a few bobby pins. The messier, the better for this bun. If a few chunks of permed hair fell out of the bun, that's good. If the bun is too perfect, gently pull out small pieces of hair from the bun until you're happy with the look.

The Up and Down

Time to showcase your long, wavy hair while keeping it out of your eyes. Unlike the messy bun, the up and down 'do will still show off how long your hair is. Take a section of your hair on each side of your head, starting from just behind your ear and up to your center part. Pull these two sections back and secure them at the back with a clip or bobby pins. You could also secure the sections in one long braid in the back. The rest of your hair will flow down in nice, permed tendrils.

The Messy Braid

Since you spent so much money and time on your long, permed hair, avoid tight braids that smooth out the waves. Instead, braid your hair loosely so that it becomes messy, much like the bun. Looser is better for this. You could have one long braid at the back of your head, or braid it off to the side. If your hair is thick, you could also create two messy braids at each side of your head, also known as pigtail braids.

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