How Do I Do Hairstyles Like Raven Symone?

Raven-Symone wears her hair in gorgeous curls to the 9th Annual TV Land Awards.

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Raven-Symone is an American actress and singer known best for her work on the comedy Disney hit TV show "That's So Raven." Although she's a gal who's well-known for her hilarious comedic work in movies and on television, she's also loved by many girls for her gorgeous coif, which she always has styled to perfection, either as a flirty, frizz-free curly 'do or super-sleek, straight strands.

Curly 'Do


Wash and condition your hair as normal. Let your locks air-dry for about 10 minutes or leave it wrapped in a towel until it's just damp. To get the most voluminous, frizz-free locks, it's always best to work on damp, rather than soaking wet, hair.


Spray your hair generously with a curl-enhancing spray gel. Most girls have at least a bit of wave to their hair, and this spray helps enhance that wave, making it easier to get Raven-Symone's pretty, curly 'do. Even if your hair is pretty much stick straight after washing, a bit of spray will help give it a bit of extra volume, which is never a bad thing.


Use a diffuser to dry your hair, scrunching your locks gently with one hand under the heat of the diffuser, to help your hair stay slightly stuck together. If you're a curly-haired gal to start with, you're pretty much done at this point. If you still don't have enough curl in your hair, add a few spirals around your head with a small-barrel curling iron.

Straightened Style


Wash and condition your hair. To make sure your hair turns out as silky, smooth and straight as possible, it's best to use the right products after and before straightening. Opt for gentle and moisturizing shampoo and conditioning products to nourish your hair and prevent frizz and dryness.


Spray your hair with a hair-straightening cream. This removes most -- if not all -- of the wave and curl from your hair, ensuring you get the straightest hair. Brush through your hair after applying the cream to ensure all of your lovely tresses are coated in the stuff.


Blow-dry your hair using an ionic air dryer and a large, natural-bristle round brush. Keep the nozzle of the blow dryer pointed downward over your hair. To prevent damage and tangles, hold the blow dryer a few inches away from your hair as you dry. It can also help to divide your hair into smaller sections -- clip the rest out of the way -- to get hair straighter, which works especially well on ladies with long, thick hair.


Once your hair is completely dry, heat your hair straightener. Divide your hair into two sections: a top and bottom section. From the bottom section of hair, place about a 1-inch section of hair in between the paddles of the hair straightener and slowly -- but not too slowly, you don't want to burn your hair -- move it down the length of the hair. Repeat this with same-sized sections around the rest of the bottom hair and do the same with the hair on top.


Rub a small amount of shine serum between your hands and rub your hands over your hair to lightly coat the hair shafts and leave your hair looking soft, shiny and healthy, just like Miss Raven-Symone's.

Things You'll Need




5.Hair-straightening cream

7.Round brush

9.Hair straightener

2.Curl-enhancing spray gel

4.Curling iron

6.Blow dryer

8.Hair clip

10.Shine serum


Tips & Tricks


Adding a bit of a thermal heat protectant spray or cream onto your locks before using any heat styling tools can help fight frizz and protect your hair from damage.

Don't linger too long with your hair straightener -- if it comes into contact too long with any one part of your hair, it could burn the hair.


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