Hairstyles That Are Layered & Tapered Around the Face


A bold, geometric pattern can look super-sexy, but sometimes what a woman really needs to complement her style and face type is a style that is layered and tapered around the face. These styles are slightly longer on top than on the bottom, which can help add width and volume up top. They work well for ladies who need a softer look, because the layering means there aren't any strict lines.

Who Nails the Styles

Generally, hairstyles that are layered and tapered around the face look best on those with really strong features, such as those with square face shapes. The softness of the layers and framing helps to temper some of the harshness in the lines of the features, balancing the look of the face. The styles also can look good on those with a heart-shaped face if the layers are around chin length, because the layers tend to widen out the look of the small chin. If you've got a round face shape, this isn't the best look, because the softness of the layers and framing can widen you out, making you look heavier.


Layered, tapered hairstyles that focus attention on your face are extremely versatile. You can have length anywhere from around shoulder length to cute, short bobs. Depending on exactly how long the layers are, you can focus attention at the features you like best to give yourself more sensuality, such as keeping the layers around the line of your lips. The tapering and layering lends itself well to adding some soft side-swept bangs, so that further helps to even out proportions, such as hiding a high forehead. Layering and tapering also can give you more lift and the illusion of volume.


Layering your hair and tapering it sometimes means it can be tricky to pull up and out of the way, depending on how long you keep your tresses. It also means that if you want hair that's all one length, you'll likely have a few months to wait before the shortest layers are long enough to guide a straight cut.

Tips for Getting the Look

Whenever you get a layered cut, especially one that has to taper down, think about how you usually wear your hair and then part it to accommodate that styling. If you don't do this, the layers will look uneven and not sit properly. Your personality and overall style matters in styling, too. For instance, if you want a more subdued layered and tapered cut, you might keep the tapering very minimal and subtle, with the layers curved under. If you want to be a little edgier, the layers and tapering can be more dramatic and distinct, and you can flip the layers out instead of under to get a funkier feel. Always take the environments into which you have to enter into consideration, too. For example, if you're a thriving professional gal, you might not want the layering and tapering to be so edgy that they distract from work. If you're in a business such as art or fashion, however, you might get away with something bolder. Lastly, don't treat these styles as though they're done the minute the stylist puts down the scissors. A few highlights really can make the look "pop" even more, for instance, so treat the cut as a foundation for the overall impact you're going for.

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