Hairstyles With Headpieces

Big, bold floral headpieces give a bride the attention she deserves.

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Nothing will dress up your 'do like a new headpiece. It really packs a punch, drawing all eyes to your glowing face. Even if you never thought you could pull off a hat, you can wear a headpiece, since they come in all shapes and sizes. Many headpieces are meant for brides on their special day, or other very formal occasions, like a ball. Once you get hooked on headpieces, though, you might find yourself wearing them all sorts of other places, too.

High Tiara with an Updo

Want to feel like a princess? A high tiara sitting near the crown of your head can accent an elegant updo. Whether your bangs sweep to the side or your hair goes straight back into a sleek bun, the tiara will pull your look together. Plus, it will add that touch of royalty that every woman craves at times. Remember, this works for lots of formal dances, not just your wedding.

Tiara with Long Flowing Locks

Tiaras also add gorgeous flair to long, flowing locks. Tease up those tresses behind the tiara to add some oomph, and sweep bangs loosely behind the ears. You'll look naturally radiant all day long. Try pulling your hair into a loose side ponytail with well-defined big curls to dress up your look a little more, suggests the Latest Hairstyles website.

Party Tiara

Tiaras also make great party accessories. If you're hanging out with pals for the big game, or want a funky costume for a masquerade party, slap on a tiara. Pull gift-wrapping ribbon through it and curl the ends for an ultra-cute and fun look. Scrunch hair and leave it down, and if it's curly, wrap some of the cascading ribbons around your spunky strands so they twirl together.


A fascinator is an extravagant type of cocktail hat. These chapeaux were alluring on ladies of the earlier 1900s, giving every gal instant glam when the sun went down. They often sat to the side of the head and didn't serve any purpose other than to look good. Judith Martin gives a great description of a cocktail hat in "Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior:" "If it looks like it just landed in your hair (tiny bits of feathers, sequence, or whatever), it is called a cocktail hat, and goes out at night." A fascinator often had feathers, sometimes a big cluster of sleek overlapping ones that would lie against the side of the head. It often had rhinestones, which sometimes were set in lace that floated above the feathers for extra oomph. Wear your hair in big curls or waves -- think lots of body -- and leave it down so your head doesn't look too unbalanced with your headgear.

Teardrop Hat

A teardrop hat is similar to a fascinator, but it has a teardrop-shaped piece of fabric that lies against the head; it looks a bit like a landing pad for the feathers or flowers standing out above it. It's often worn set to the side of the head. Big waves or curls falling over your shoulders look glam with this hat, and so does a big bun worn on the opposite side as the hat to create a balanced look, with the bun sitting low behind your ear.

Fixation Hat

A fixation hat could look like a big satin flower pinned to the side or crown of the head. That was the style back in the day, and it's making a comeback among some creative ladies. Instead of lots of floaty lace and feathers, it was a single bold piece that packed a punch by itself. As with the teardrop hat, think cascading waves or curls, or a low bun behind the ear.

Floral Headband

Headbands with prominent flowers will make you feel like a princess. Make your own by gluing your fav faux blossoms onto a plain band. Try big pink or yellow roses. Make a series of three spaced far apart, or cluster them together on one side to add some drama. It's fun enough for playing with your pals and elegant enough for a wedding. Wear hair down so the band isn't obvious, just the flowers, which makes for a more natural look. Sweep bangs behind the ear and fix them in place carefully with your headgear, and tease up the back of your hair a little, for a carefree, natural look.

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Latest Hairstyles: Weddings
"Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior"; Judith Martin; 2005

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