Hairstyles for Growing Out Natural Black Hair

Go to a natural look to give your hair rest between styling.

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Don't get frustrated or discouraged when looking for new ways to style your locks to keep hair growing long and strong. All you need is a little TLC and guidance to keep your hair chic and healthy. Whether you're growing out a relaxer or simply want to stop damage and breakage, take your troubles to the salon or create simple looks at home with styles that last and please. Your hair will thank you for the break!

Give It a Rest!

Black hair is extremely versatile and can be changed from kinky-curly to sleek and straight, giving options galore with very little effort. But too much stress on the hair causes breakage that can lead to damage and prevent hair growth. Larissa McKenzie, natural hair stylist and owner of My Hair Rocks in Fayetteville, Georgia, suggests sticking with natural hair styles that take the stress off doing your hair to aid in growing the hair stronger and longer.

Get Twisted

McKenzie's go-to style for growing out chemically treated hair is the classic twist. This look can be achieved by simply creating two-strand twists throughout the entire head, and can also be done by adding human hair extensions. After a week of wear, transform your twisted 'do into a "twist-out" by unraveling the twists for a curly and glam afro.

The Power of the Straw

Co-owner of Oh My Nappy Hair Salon in Los Angeles, California, Rosario Schuler recommends straw sets. "They are on the top of my list for great hair styles to wear so that you don't have to comb your hair," she says. Start with damp hair that has been shampooed and conditioned. Capture about half a square inch of hair into a small section and lather with a pomade, gel or setting lotion. Wrap the hair around a curling rod or actual straws starting from the end of the hair to the base and secure with a clip to hold in place. Complete until the entire hair is covered with straws or rods. Sit under a dryer for 45 minutes to an hour, until hair is dry. Gently pull out the straws or unravel your hair from the rods and let your sexy curls live. This look will last about two weeks, giving your hair plenty of rest between styling.

Braided Beauty

Keep hair kept a little longer with classic braids. Cornrow your hair into beautiful styles that can last for up to four weeks, or sport individual braided extensions that tend to last twice as long as natural hair. Wear a satin scarf at night to keep braids fresh and lovely.

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