Hairstyles That Help Edges Grow Back

The looser you wear your hair, the more your hair has a chance to rebound around the edges.

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If you've been pulling your hair back into buns and ponytails -- or other restrictive styles -- for extended periods of time, you know all too well the end result: thin or nonexistent edges. And when your edges thin out, it can be hard to get them to grow back. However, in addition to products you can use to stimulate your scalp, you can also wear your hair in ways that don't pull at those edges, so that they have a chance to grow back.

Loose and Fancy Free

The best hairstyle for damaged edges is a natural loose style, if you can wear your hair that way. It gives your edges a chance to recover from being pulled so much, and gives the rest of your locks that same break. If you leave it down, try to be as natural as possible in your style technique, too. If you leave it down every day, but apply heat to it as well, it kind of defeats the purpose.

Half Up, Half Down

Do a super loose variation on this style. Instead of pulling the top half up towards the crown of your head, pull it gently straight back just above the nape of your neck. Make sure the hair you pull back is done uber loosely, almost to the point where pieces fall out just a bit to frame your face. This gives you a styling option without pulling at those sensitive edges.

Side Ponytail

Pull your hair all to one side, except for a piece on the opposite side that will hang down in loose tendrils. Use curlers to get the desired effect, so you don't have to apply heat to your edges. Make sure the side-swept ponytail is loose, otherwise you defeat the purpose. This gives you a funky little look without worrying about your fragile tresses.

Additional Care Tips

Consult with your stylist on other things you can do to regrow your edges. She may advise you to stop processing it for awhile, to give your locks a chance to rebound. Refraining from restrictive styles is the main key to helping edges; there are also products you can apply to your hair to aid in the regrowth process, including deep and leave-in conditioners.

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