Hairstyles That Are Cut on One Side & Long on the Other

Looking at your features is the first step in designing a short-side-long-side cut.

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Contemporary ladies don't need to be afraid to give entirely new edge to their hairstyles -- literally. Taking hairstyles to another level are styles that are longer on one side and cut shorter on the other. These styles range from very subtle twists on traditional cuts to massively-out-there looks. Where yours fits in this range is up to your personality and preferences.

What They Are

Hairstyles that are cut on one side and longer on the other are a type of asymmetrical cut. They can be just about any length, with the only real requirement being a slope between one side and the other. These and other asymmetrical styles got their start within the punk scene, but contemporary stylists have approaches to long-side-short-side cuts that suit a variety of settings. An example of this style is a short bob that starts around chin length on one side and slopes down to about mid-neck length on the other side. Celebrities Rihanna and Victoria Beckham both have sported this style with tons of success.

Who Looks Best in the Styles

Typically, styles that are longer on one side than the other look best on people who have round faces. The line of the cut contrasts extremely well with this circular shape face. Depending on how much the cut is angled and exactly how it is styled, the cut also can work for people with heart and oval faces. Oval faces need to be careful that the long side doesn't pull the gaze down and add to the face length -- flipped out edges can fix the problem by adding some width. If your face is heart shaped, just make sure the sides don't hit right at your chin; they can emphasize it's smallness. People with square faces usually don't look so stellar in short-side-long-side cuts because they already have such distinct lines in their features. No matter what your face type is, the cuts work best with straight and fine hair that is shoulder to chin length, providing distinct shape that's ultra-sophisticated and sleek. Curly, coarse hair tends to puff up, softening the line you're trying to get while looking a little too puffy and wide.


Cuts that are short on one side and long on the other do wonders for evening out the proportions of the face. They immediately draw attention to your features. This is a great match for you if your personality is bold and you aren't afraid of the attention the style will get you.


The main disadvantage of a hairstyle that is longer on one side than another is that it can be a tussle to put up. You have to get a little creative if you want to do anything except straight down and loose. Additionally, unless you're OK with a shorter look, the more severely you slope the cut, the longer you have to wait to go symmetrical again, because the short side has to grow out.


Lots of ladies find that an asymmetrical cuts are plenty dramatic on their own, but you don't have to stop with just the cut. If you want to make the look even spicier, highlighting or dying your hair can put an entirely new spin on the look. Additionally, the edginess of the style depends to a large degree on the angle of the slope you use. If you're more of a professional, business-suit type of gal, a subtler slope might be better. If you're in environments where funk is a plus, such as a band, you probably can go as wild as you want.

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