Hairstyles That Camouflage a Double Chin


While there certainly are far worse facial afflictions, no one likes having a double chin. Whether the cause is lingering baby weight, the addition of a few extra pounds or simply the normal shape of your face, a double chin can really bum you out. Take heart, ladies! Though you can't magically get rid of that little pouch in an instant, you can camouflage it on the spot with a well-chosen hairstyle.

Long Bob

Arguably the best hairstyle for the presence of a double chin, a long bob does wonders to give your face a nice sense of balance. While chin-length bobs are generally complimentary, depending on the fullness of your double chin, they can sometimes make your face look fuller, so a longer style is preferable. Falling just below your neck and subtly touching your collarbone, the flattering long bob works well for a double chin because it lengthens the neck, opens the decolletage and draws the eye downward, away from the chin.

Layered Shag

Layers add flattering dimension, definition and movement to many hairstyles, including the shag. The layered shag hairstyle helps hide a double chin because it is slightly longer in the back than in the front, so you don't have loads of hair weighing down your face and making it appear larger than it is. Your longest front layer should fall a little underneath your chin, framing it and drawing the eye downward.

Loose Waves

Adding texture to your hair gives it dimension and a sexy, voluminous look, but not all textures work well for everyone. Big curls around the face can make a double chin look bigger than it is; on the other hand, waves provide a relaxed curl pattern that won't add excess mass or bulk to the look of your face. Another great thing about this hairstyle for double chins is that you can wear it well with more than one length -- mid-length and long locks benefit equally. You can create waves with a curling iron or by twisting damp hair, allowing it to set overnight, then finger-combing it in the morning.

Half Up/Half Down 'Do

One of the best things about the half up/half down hairdo is that you can dress it up or down; wear it straight for the office and curl it for a special occasion. This style is a good choice if you have a double chin because the top of the hair is pulled back, which lengthens the neck and draws the eye up, while the loose tresses frame your face and camouflage the double chin.

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