Hairstyles for a Broad Forehead


Ah, the big forehead, one of beauty's most celebrated and most revered facial characteristics has many ways to either camouflage or flaunt it. Somewhere in between lies a myriad of hairstyles that successfully achieve both. The hairstyles that you choose to wear when you have a broad forehead should never add any mass or bulk because it just makes it appear even larger than normal. While hair covering your face can be beneficial, be sure to keep it streamlined. Check out some hot hairstyle options.

High Ponytail

Lengthening your neck, accentuating your bone structure and flattering your large forehead, a high ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles to achieve. While the ponytail itself is complementary, what really gives this hairstyle its flattering quality is the inclusion of bangs. For complete coverage of your forehead, you could opt for dramatic, blunt cut bangs. However bangs that are wispy and swept to the side create an angle on your forehead, which makes it appear smaller.

Big Curls

If there is one way to detract from your forehead it's to rock a seriously voluminous hairstyle. In this instance, said hairstyle is one that is full of big, bountiful curls. Big, curly hair is not only sexy, but it adds instant glamor to your hairstyle in a no time. The key element of this hairstyle is to have the curls everywhere but on your forehead because adding big curls to a broad forehead only gives it a larger appearance. Additionally, this styles looks best with medium-length to long hair because the width of the curls can overpower a shorter haircut.

Long & Sleek

Hair that is incredibly smooth, long and begging to be touched is the goal when you decide on a long and sleek hairstyle. What makes this style so flattering for your broad forehead is that the generous length draws the eye downward, taking the focus off of your forehead. If you want to flaunt your large forehead, you could wear a middle part or conceal it with swooped bangs or ones that come straight across. To create the flawless finish, hair should be flat ironed and pomade applied.

Angled Bob

Edgy and chic, an angled bob is for all of you fashion forward girls that want to accentuate your broad forehead in style. When any hairstyle is angled, it provides definition and confuses the eye by causing it to roam around your head for a point of focus. That's exactly why it's so complementary to your large forehead. Since this hairstyle is so structured, it allows your forehead to play the background with ease. Quick tip: For a nice balance between showing your forehead and concealing it, you could incorporate a deep side part that allows a hint of it to show.

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