Haircutting Techniques for Texturizing Ends

Texturizing your ends can add movement and release weight.

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If you ever wonder how some women can wake up in the morning, shake their hair out and go, ask their stylist. Your stylist can texturize your ends where your hair has the kind of movement that means you don’t have to worry that your hairstyle is going to be ruined at the first gust of wind. Hairstylists use a few different techniques for texturizing ends, which depend on your hair texture and style. Changing up the way your stylist can texturize your ends can give you a new look without sacrificing length.

Point Cutting/Notching

Point cutting is a haircutting technique that can make your ends appear slightly jagged. This technique type is one that can help you achieve that shake-and-go, windblown look that’s casual. All hair types can benefit from point cutting, from fine to thick. To achieve this, your stylist uses only the points of her shears to cut the ends of your hair, hence the term point cutting. This is accomplished in one of two ways. The first is just cutting at your ends to release weight and give your hair added swing. The second is starting farther up your hair shaft. This can shape your hairstyle, making certain areas of your hair frame your face.

Texturizing Scissors

Another haircutting technique is using a special pair of scissors known as texturizing scissors. This scissors look like they have teeth, where the scissor blade has up-and-down marks. When your stylist cuts your hair with texturizing scissors, it often feels like the scissors are chomping on your hair, thinning it out. Texturizing scissors are ideal for thick hair because they remove thickness and can create longer and shorter layers in your hair. Just how much your stylist uses the texturizing scissors depends on how thick your hair is and if you have features that could use softening.


If your hair is neither fine nor thick, slicing techniques can help to texturize your ends. To accomplish this haircutting technique, your stylist holds the scissors in a slightly open fashion and moves them midway through your hair shaft downward. This can give your hair an even, blended appearance while adding texture to your ends.


Edging is a haircutting technique if you’re more of an edgy girl with your hairstyle of choice. Instead of using both scissor blades, your stylist only uses one blade. This can create a frayed appearance to your hair for bold, dramatic-looking ends. This frayed texture is often used for midlength or short hairstyles so the edging effect is apparent.

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