The Best Haircuts for Thin Hair on a Heart-Shaped Face


There is a lot to love about the heart-shaped face, so ladies, embrace your facial structure and rock a fierce haircut to make it stand out from the crowd. With a wide forehead and cheekbones that curve down to a long, pronounced chin, a heart-shaped face needs a haircut that brings out the best in its structure. When thin tresses are incorporated into the mix, heart-shaped faces benefit from haircuts that create height and volume for fullness. Check out some fabulous haircuts to set hearts aflutter.

Long Bob

Always chic and fashionable, a bob is known for how it flatters a variety of face shapes and hair types. For a heart-shaped face, a long bob works because it falls past your wide cheek area and decreases the length of your chin by drawing the eye downward. As opposed to a short bob, one with a longer length benefits thin hair because it allows you to incorporate height and volume at the crown, which looks best on heart-shaped faces that have mid-length and longer strands.

Shoulder-Length Waves/Curls

Texture is one of the allies of a heart-shaped face and should be embraced with open arms. Curls and waves offer natural texture that creates volume and height that a heart-shaped face needs to add balance and dimension. Hair cut to shoulder length works because it's long enough to take the focus off of the pronounced chin while allowing volume and height to be placed at the crown to visually thicken your thin tresses. Quick tip: Heart-shaped faces always benefit from bangs, so implement them into your hairstyle whenever possible. Side-swept, wispy styles are best.

Long Shag

What makes the long shag so appealing to a heart-shaped face are the lovely layers that are placed throughout for a flattering and versatile hairstyle. Shags come in a variety of lengths, but a long shag is best for a heart-shaped face because your pronounced chin becomes less noticeable, as the eye is drawn downward. The incorporation of layers are beneficial to your thin strands because they create volume, definition and dimension that gives the illusion of hair that is thicker than it actually is.

Wispy Pixie

Sure, your forehead and cheekbones might be wider than other face shapes, but that doesn't mean that you can't rock a fabulous short hairstyle to compliment your heart-shaped face. The key to pulling off an extreme short haircut, like a pixie, is to have the right bangs and the proper height and volume at the crown. Since your prominent chin will be on full display, you want to draw the eye up to the crown of your head, where the volume and height creates thickness to lengthen your face and add thickness to your thin hair. Bangs for your pixie cut should be light and wispy, able to be finger-styled to flatter your face.

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