Haircuts for Thick & Curly Hair and an Oblong Face


Ladies, the shape of your face adds character and helps you to know what works and what doesn't when it comes to hairstyles. One of the most interesting facial shapes is one that is oblong. An oblong face has prominent cheekbones, a high forehead and a narrow jawline, so hairstyles that create balance are essential. When you throw your thick tresses into the mix, selected hairstyles should embrace your texture without adding to it.

Wavy Bob

When you want to celebrate your natural texture and flatter your oblong face at the same time, there are few hairstyles as fabulous as a wavy bob. Your naturally thick and curly hair already has the texture and volume needed to achieve this style, so the only thing you should really be focused on is the proper length. Chin-length bobs that fall at your narrow jawline are ideal because they add width. Additionally, layers should be placed throughout to provide movement and to thin out your locks.

Shoulder-Length with Bangs

Shoulder-length hair is always nice for an oblong face shape because it highlights the structure of your narrow jawline. For a shoulder-length style with bangs, there are a few ways to achieve it. If you opt to embrace your natural curly texture, you could leave it as is, maybe incorporating additional waves. But, if you want to totally go in the opposite direction, you could straighten your naturally thick, curly hair with a flat iron to create a smooth, polished look for your oblong face. Your bangs should be wispy instead of chunky because that adds width to the top of the face.

Mid-Length Curls

Simple and flirty, trimming your thick, curly hair to mid-length is all you need to do to rock a head full of curls. This hairstyle embraces your natural texture like no other because all that is required is an anti-frizz serum to seal in the curl and tame fuzziness. To spice things up a bit, you could use a curling iron or rollers in a larger width than your natural curl. Mid-length also works wonders for an oblong face because it doesn't add unwanted length.

Layered & Sleek

Classic and complementary, foregoing your natural curly texture in favor of smooth, sleek strands is a fierce way to wear your hair. The thickness of your hair comes in handy for this style because while it is totally straight, it also has a nice weight to it for height at the crown. The addition of layers is essential for your oblong face because they add movement and depth, while thinning your strands out so they don't add more mass to the cheekbone area.

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