The Best Haircuts for a Small Forehead

Rock a short pixie cut if you have a small forehead, like actress Carey Mulligan.

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Everyone knows you're absolutely gorgeous from head to toe -- hey, it's the truth -- but just as with any girl, there are things about yourself you don't particularly like. Certain facial features can be especially challenging, because the way you do your makeup and style your hair can either work really well or go very wrong. If you have a small forehead, the last thing you need is to make it look even smaller by covering it with hair. Instead, if you want to crop your mop, choose the right cut for you.


A regular pixie cut is quite short. It's longer on top and shorter around the sides and back. Although you don't have too many styling options other than slicking it down with a bit of gel or getting more of a bedhead-style with some pomade or mousse, it is a really chic style and it gets your hair out of your face. Since it doesn't cover up your forehead at all, your already small forehead doesn't appear even smaller.

Shaggy Pixie

A shaggy pixie cut is a fun, trendy haircut. It's not as predictable as a regular pixie and you have a lot more length to work with. That means more styling options -- and as long as you've got a few inches, you can even put it into an updo. Style the front section of your hair up or off to the side -- a hair pouf style or claw clip will be your best friend -- so your forehead is exposed.

Wispy Fringe

You can rock some bangs if you want, but not too long or too heavy, or you'll end up with a really wide, round-looking face. Instead, for the nicest overall face proportion, get wispy side bangs to keep most of your forehead open and bare. Leave your bangs really short or longer, hitting just above your cheekbones. Anywhere around brow-level isn't really an option with your smaller forehead. Get the rest of your hair cut how you want; layered, shaggy, blunt-cut or cropped short.

Long and Blunt

A long blunt cut really does a small forehead justice. Style your hair straight with a center part to really draw out your face and show off your full forehead. The longer your hair -- no bangs with this cut -- the more elongated your face appears, so your forehead doesn't appear so small. This is a nice option if you like a longer length, so you have enough to play around with and can create lots of different styles.

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