The Best Haircuts for Petite Women

If you're petite, taking off some hair length can make you look taller.

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Beautiful ladies come in all shapes and sizes, and as a petite woman, you can look just as sassy as taller ladies. The right hair style really helps with this, as it brings out your best features, keeps you looking well-proportioned and shows off your personal attitude. Still, picking the right hair style is a little challenging because the wrong style can accentuate your lack of height or create upkeep problems.

Overall Body Type

Even though your small stature is a main concern when picking just the right style for your tresses, you still have to look at other beauty basics, like the shape of your body and face. If you're a little heavier or have a rounder face shape, for example, a short hairdo can make you seem even rounder. If you're one of these ladies, staying with a style that leaves your hair length below your chin is better. If you have a long face shape, you can be a little more daring and go for something like a bob. If you lean toward an oval or heart shape, you might be able to get away with a pixie cut. As a general rule, check that the length of the cut keeps your head in proportion with the rest of your body and try to use any features that stick out to your advantage. For instance, don't hide those great eyes -- draw some attention to them with a few sexy-sweet sideswept bangs.

Hair Type

Just like the locks on other beautiful women, petite ladies' hair is all over the map -- it can be wavy, straight, fine, thick, oily, dry and everything in between. When you're looking for the perfect style to suit your petite body, you can't leave this behind. For example, even though shorter women should typically stay away from longer styles, if your hair is ultra curly, going too short can mean you have to fight frizz or end up looking too childish. Similarly, if you've got extra-fine strands, too much length can weigh your hair down and cheat you out of luxurious volume. The same is true for hair that needs a lot of products to stay tame, as products weigh down hair, too.


Some styles shorter ladies can try take a lot more effort to keep up than others, and to make things even tougher, the average bathroom isn't exactly accommodating to the challenges being petite creates, such as reaching upper electrical outlets to use a curling iron or hair dryer. If you're constantly on the go and can't spend 20 minutes on your hair every morning, simple is the better route. On the other hand, the simplest styles aren't necessarily those that suit your work situation and personal style. Try to balance these elements.

General Rule

As a general rule of thumb, if you're petite, you'll likely look the best in any style that is between your shoulders and chin. Depending on your face and body type, you might be able to try some shorter styles, but they have to make you look well-proportioned, and they should work with, not against, the natural tendencies of your locks. When in doubt, chat up your local stylist to see what she thinks would be best for you. Another trick is to take a picture of yourself and trim off the hair in the picture little by little to get a general sense of what length you should go for.

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