Haircuts for People With a Widow's Peak & Long Hair


Don't like it when others take a peek at your widow's peak? Having one is no biggie — it's just the way your hairline formed. But if you want to keep it under wraps, you can do so in ways that keep your long hair looking stylish and oh-so-chic.

Bangin' Bangs

Bangs are such a good idea for babes with widow's peaks. Having them makes sense because they cover up that hairline. The type you sport depends on your face shape. Square- and circle-shaped faces look best with wispy, side-swept bands. If you have an oval, long or heart-shaped face, consider yourself lucky, because you can rock blunt or side-swept bangs — the choice is up to you.

Pretty Part

Believe it or not, something as simple as where you part your hair can make a big difference in your appearance. Donning a center part is just asking for trouble, as it draws attention to the middle of your forehead, the location of your peak. But if you wear a part that is off-center, eyes will look toward the side of your forehead and away from your peak. Plus, going with a part on the side gives your hair some oomph, whereas middle parts typically leave your locks flat and well, kind of lame.

Sassy Style

Long hair that just lies flat is not only boring, it also sort of resembles curtains draped around your head. Give it life, volume and movement with some layers. Layers can also help distract away from your peak, as well. If you're dead against getting bangs, layers that start around your ear are actually distracting and cause others to look there instead of your forehead. Long faces also benefit from layers that start around the chin because they make them look a tad shorter. So all in all, getting layers is a good thing.

Show Off Your Style

Although leaving your hair down is definitely stylish, you can show off your beautiful mane and face in other ways, too. If you've got bangs, the sky is the limit — ponytails, updos, and half-up and half-down styles all look smokin' with your long hair. If you don't have bangs, however, don't attempt to rock these styles unless you've got those ear-length layers, or else you'll totally show off that peak, and it's likely the only thing people will notice about your tresses.

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