Haircuts for Curly, Fluffy Hair

Get you natural fluffy curls shaped for a confident style.

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Fluffy hair that's packed with curls is a 'do that many girls can only dream about. You can bet many have tried to copy your signature curls with perms and rollers and mountains of products. So while you may be soulfully wishing for straight hair, maybe you'd be better off to embrace your fluffy curls and find a style that plays off of them so you stand out in any crowd.

Let it Grow

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. That is, if you want a wild, yet sophisticated look like model Kahshanna Evans. Her locks are always shaped well, but as they grow, they shoot out in a mane of fluffy loveliness. Use plenty of conditioner if you're going for a big, natural mane. It'll tame any wild frizzies that could ruin the entire effect. Get little trims regularly to prevent split ends from taking over. Your stylist should shape the growth, but not so much that it looks as if he used a bowl to get the outline. Allow for a little deviation to hang on to the natural look.

Tame the Mane

Go for layers to take out a bit of the thickness and tame wild hairs. If your fluffy hair gets a bit flyaway after a cut that trims off some of the weight, use a protein treatment to get rid of excess moisture trapped in the cuticles of the hair. Flyaway hair is usually most troubling in the summer as the sun damages sensitive cuticles. Wear a hat when you're outside to protect it.

Pile It Up

Let your hair grow out and let the weight of it pull itself down. By skipping daily washings, your natural oils will find make their way down the full shaft of hair. Once you've gone a couple of days and you feel like you really want to wash it and let it fly, comb through it instead and put it up. Fluffy hairstyles pulled in updos are most fashionable and provide an easy way to elegance. A fluffy updo with your long curly locks highlights a long, lean neckline and is stunning when you're wearing a strapless gown.

Go Vintage

Go back in time and get a short haircut that stops just above your shoulders, or if you're brave enough, get it cut against your ear. The fluffy, curly look that women spent hours in the salon getting in the 1950s is back with a vengeance ever since "Mad Men" made us take a second look at the styles of the era. Use gels to shape your fluffy curls into vintage waves that cling to the side of your head. Let your hair hang just a little down the back of your neck and pull wisps across your ears over your cheekbones. If you're leaving it short, then get it shaped, but remember to leave the bowl at home.

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