Haircuts With Blonde Hair & Brown Low Lights

Lowlights add drama and define blond hair.

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Show off your flirtatious side with a hair color that pulls double duty. Blond hair with brown "lowlights" is an easy way to add depth and contrast to your color without dissing the blond tresses for good. Whether you've lightened your hair too much (hey, we've all been there) or just need a blond change, add some lowlights for instant richness and style.

Lowlights With Blond

Why might a blond opt for lowlights? That's easy: Just keeping hair blond requires maintenance, unless it's natural of course. When blond hair gets too light from repeated highlights and touchups, it helps to add lowlights from time to time to keep the blond from washing you out. Just a few random lowlights can add lots of warmth and contrast to your tresses, which may be just the fix you need to feel bright but not boring.

Styles to Show off Your Color

If you opt for a blond style with brown lowlights, you can keep your color interesting by choosing a style that shows it off. Long layers work well for versatility. You can style your hair in half-up, half-down looks to show off your unique color placement. For a classic choice, opt for a medium-length bob with chunky panels of color. Short styles such as pixie cuts also work with blond hair and lowlights, but bear in mind color will look much less natural at this short of a length.

Technique Options

A professional colorist can help you choose the right color placement for your blond tresses. Make sure you have a few ideas in mind prior to your appointment to ensure you can better explain your lowlight ideas. Do you want to add lots of brown or just a few random chunks? Do you want minimal upkeep or a high-maintenance color. Finally, find a celebrity inspiration who has lowlights (consider Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne and nearly any blond Victoria's Secret model) and communicate your ideas to your stylist.

Maintain Your Color

Oh no, your brown roots are growing out! That's right, even though you've added lowlights to your hair, you'll still need to maintain them by opting for foil color touch-ups. Make sure to schedule repeat appointments as suggested by your colorist so that your two-tone color looks natural all the time, whether you're a brunette or blonde at heart.

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