Haircuts That Blend in Hair Extensions

Choose a haircut that blends your extensions well, like the medium-length layered 'do Paris Hilton wore out to the "Sutton" night club in Barcelona, Spain.

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If you've got a short or really blunt haircut, you may as well walk around with a sign that reads "I wear hair extensions." You may not be embarrassed about wearing extensions -- hey, who would be? You look so fab -- but that doesn't mean you want to announce to the world that you are. With the right cut, your extensions will blend right in and no one will ever be any the wiser.

Medium-Length Layered

A medium-length, layered cut hits just below the shoulders and has layers throughout. This not only adds volume and dimension to your natural hair but helps make your extensions unnoticeable once you've got them in. The extensions -- whether you go with clip-ins or permanent extensions -- are inserted underneath the top few layers of your hair, so they'll blend right in with the layers of your hair.

Long Layers

If you plan to add longer extensions into your hair, it helps to have your own hair cut into long layers. If you're adding extensions and your hair is already quite long, you're likely using them more to add thickness and volume to your tresses. It's OK to keep the sides and back straighter, since you've got the length and most of the extensions will be covered up anyway, but add in at least a few layered bits at the front.


A medium-length shag -- hitting just at shoulder-level -- is a choppy-looking cut with lots of thick layers. This is one of the best cuts if you plan to wear extensions, because once they're in you'll never be able to tell where your natural hair ends and your extensions start. You may even forget you're wearing them. Ask your stylist to add in a few face-framing pieces to soften the style.


A shoulder-length cut doesn't need to have lots of layers all around, as long as you've got some at the ends. This way, once your extensions are added in, you won't have a visible line between the end of your natural hair and the start of the extension pieces. Even if your extensions are dyed the exact color of your own hair, there can still be slight differences -- and this is really noticeable if your hair is all one length.

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