The Best Haircuts to Accentuate a Long Neck

Morena Baccarin's cute pixie cut flatters her swan-like neck.

Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Audrey Hepburn, Morena Baccarin and a Claire Danes have one thing in common -- long, swan-like necks. A girl might only think about the shape of her face when hitting the salon for a new ‘do, but the right haircut can frame her face and accentuate the neck perfectly. The most important thing to remember when choosing a haircut to accentuate your neck is to choose one that makes you feel good about yourself.

Mid-Length Bobs

A medium-length bob that falls past your jaw will frame your face and neck nicely. If you have straight hair, get a bob with bangs or opt to have your bangs be the same length as the rest of your hair or a tad longer. If you have curly or wavy hair, get you hair cut so it is chin- to shoulder-length when dry. Make sure you tell your hairdresser how much your curly hair shrinks or coils when it’s not wet. Avoid bangs if you have curly or wavy hair, because they can look awkward on a bob. Instead, get your hair cut into long layers.

Layered Haircut

If you want a long hairdo, ask your hairdresser to give you a few long layers so the front of your hair is about chin-length. Use the middle of your cheeks as a guide if you have medium-length hair. The middle layer of your haircut will help preserve the length of your hair, but not make it appear so heavy around your neck. For a special touch, ask your hairdresser curl the ends of your hair for a retro Hollywood look.

Pixie Haircut

Audrey Hepburn made the pixie haircut a classic and broke the rule that says you will look like a giraffe if you cut your hair short. If you have an oval face, a pixie haircut will show off your neck and not make it look like the stick on a lollipop. However, if you have a round, square, diamond or triangular face, a pixie haircut can make your face look rounder, which may not be flattering. If you get a pixie haircut, make sure the cut balances the features in your face and your neck. For example, instead of having short bangs, go for a longer look and brush them to the side. The line your bangs create will help the long lines of your neck. Remember, since you do have a long neck, you can get away with a pixie haircut that is a little longer at the nape of your neck than usual.

Haircuts to Avoid

When choosing a new haircut, look for styles that look good with the shape of your face first before looking at those that will accentuate your neck -- not the other way around. Long hair that is all the same length can hide your elegant neck instead of accentuate it. The angles on a short bob haircut can make your neck look longer than it is, which isn’t always a bad thing. But this haircut can also create the look of a void in the space between the tops of your shoulders and your head because the length of your hair does not balance well with the envy-worthy length of your neck.

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