The Best Haircut for Thick Straight Hair and a Double Chin

Kristen Wiig (right) is a good example of how posture can affect the look of your chin.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Double chins can happen to anyone with any face or body type—look at SNL’s svelte Kristen Wiig. You can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Luckily, you have thick hair. While you might curse your locks, the right haircut can help you camouflage and draw attention away from your neck, giving you another reason to hold your chin up high.

Short Haircuts

If you want a short ‘do, make it your goal to choose a style that does not accentuate your neck. In other words, don’t use Audrey Hepburn as your haircut icon. Website Vibrant Beauty recommends getting a haircut that’s 2 inches higher than your chin line and is appropriate for your face shape. Take advantage of your thick tresses to get a cut that adds volume to your hairstyle, like razor-cut asymmetrical bob with long bangs. The angles the haircut creates and the way your hair frames your eyes will look way more interesting than your chin.

Mid-Length Haircuts

Website states that mid-length haircuts with soft layers are the best if you have a double chin. Since you want to take attention away from your upper neck, make sure your hair falls below chin-level. This can be tricky if you are a curly-girl. Again, a layered bob haircut can work wonders, but shag haircuts can also look smart (think, Jennifer Aniston) and works with wavy and curly hair types. If you get a shag haircut, keep your bangs long -- at eye-level or lower -- and sweep them to the side. Your bangs will help create a focal point. Have your trusty stylist cut long layers into your hair to lighten your thick mane (in weight, not color) and make your face appear longer.

Long Haircuts

Long haircuts can help make your face look thinner, which will minimize the appearance of your double chin. Because you have thick hair, avoid blunt cuts. Instead, ask your hairdresser to cut some crosscheck layers under your do’ or to add long layers. Just make sure one of the layers doesn’t frame your face between your ears and chin. It’s hard to go wrong with bangs when you have long hair, so choose a bang style that’s perfect for your face shape and is easy for you to style.

Styling Ideas

The way you style your hair can be as important as the cut itself. Hairstyles that look interesting can work wonders when you want to take the attention away from your chin. You can’t go wrong by slightly curling the ends of your hair so your ‘do looks soft, especially since you have thick hair. Create braids in your hair as an accessory instead of hairstyle to take away some the bulk and draw the eyes passersby upward. If you’re in a rush, grab a barrette or headband with a large, pretty rose on the side. Place the accessory in your rad tresses for a hot, vintage style that will make others look at your hair (not your chin) and want to copy your look.

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