The Best Haircut for a Round Shape & Thick Hair

Round faces can look shapeless without some definition from the hair.

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Picking just the right haircut depends a lot on your face shape. With a round face, getting a good style is a challenge. When your hair is thick, too, it's even trickier to find a cut that won't make you look puffy and overweight. The best cuts for round shapes and thick hair are able to balance your features, lengthen you and take the bulk out of your locks.

The General Rule

The problem with a round face is that it's hard to get a sense of any real geometric direction through your features alone. Your hair can help you have a more defined shape and balance the roundness of your face. To do this, you generally want to avoid any cut that has a round shape to it, particularly those that hang around chin-length. These only emphasize your roundness and make you look heavy. Also stay away from cuts that are full around the ears and cheeks, because round faces tend to be widest around this point. Super-short crops also are out unless they are cut specifically to add height, simply because thick hair tends to puff out for the poodle effect the shorter you go. You want to look for something with mid or long length, as this will elongate you and detract from the width your thick hair has.


One of the best things you can do with your haircut if you have thick hair and a round face is to layer your hair. Layering the hair means that you physically remove some of the bulk that keeps your hair looking so wide. With this out of the way, your tresses can sit a little flatter and look somewhat thinner, even though you're not removing anything at the roots and can therefore keep a lot of the lift you have. Keep the layers long, as shorter layers don't elongate you as well.


Because your face is round, you really need a cut that adds some line to your look. A great example of a cut that can work for this is an A-line bob kept below the chin. A-line means the bob angles up toward the back. This adds a nice contrast to the roundness in your features. However, line does not necessarily mean blunt. It just means you're providing some visual points. Blunt cuts tend not to work for thick hair.


People with round faces and thick hair can have all different types of tresses -- thick hair refers to how many strands you have, not to the texture or shape of the locks. If your hair is curly, for example, your hair naturally will look a little fuller, because the curls have diameter. Additionally, something as simple as adding bangs can drastically change how your face shape looks, so if a cut "almost" works, consider adding some bangs to the cut to make it suitable for you.

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